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Zodiac Signs: A Complete Guide

Zodiac Signs complete guide

Introduction to Zodiac Signs: The purpose of this blog is to make available to the readers, a complete guide about zodiac signs. This blog will touch on the aspects relating to zodiac signs, zodiac signs dates, zodiac signs months and zodiac signs meaning. Each zodiac sign has peculiar zodiac traits. Every parent, right from the […]

Aquarius and your Unfulfilled desires

aquarius and your unfulfilled desires

Introduction: Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, it signifies fulfillment of desires. Symbol is a man with a water pitcher, water is connected to manifestation, which again signifies fulfillment of desires. Aquarius belongs to the Kama trikona, hence relates to the materialistic part of life. In our Vedic astrology system zodiac sign and […]

Leo the sign of Perseverance

Leo the sign of Perseverance

Introduction: The zodiac sign of Leo is a sign ruled by the planet sun, it is a sign of a king representing power, authority, fame, creativity and ego. Symbol is lion and it belongs to the fiery group of the zodiac. Direction of Leo is east and fifth house is the natural house of Leo. […]

Vargottama Planet and your Potential in Life

Vargottama Planet And Your Potential In Life

Introduction: Vargottama is a concept in Vedic Astrology that is widely used by all Astrologers, Varga means division and ottama means fine or great.  A planet falls in this category, when it occupies the same zodiac sign in the main birth chart and in the Navamsa chart. When a planet becomes Vargottama its  result giving […]

Scorpio the Enigmatic Sign of the Zodiac

Scorpio the Enigmatic Sign of the Zodiac

Introduction: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, ruled by the fiery planet Mars. It is the most transformative of all the zodiac signs, being the ruler of the eighth house of death. Astrology considers the eighth house to be the most malefic, as it also represents sudden events and accidents, which are often […]

Scintillating and Vivacious Geminis

Scintillating And Vivacious Geminis

Introduction: Gemini is one of the airy signs of the zodiac , the symbol is twins which depicts the quality of a Gemini. The ruling  planet is Mercury and the houses it rules in a horoscope is the third house of skills and communication. In Astrology Gemini is a sign of business, sales, marketing,  travel, […]

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