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Astro Vastu

Astro-Vastu is a unique method which aligns your house, office or shop as per your birth chart. Implementing Astro Vastu in home and office enhances the quality of life by creating a positive flow of energy that allows us to focus and perform better in order to achieve our
dreams and goals. Astro-Vastu helps in getting the desired results and in achieving your targets. Astro Vastu aligns the energies of your house as per the good combinations of your birth chart, so that you can get the maximum benefits and minimise the losses. Acharya Ganesh avoids any major structural changes as far as possible and tries to settle the negative energies by applying remedies such as the placement of a suitable painting, vase, stones, artefacts, as well as by changing the colours of a particular area of the house. A change in the structure is suggested extremely rarely. If a person does not wish to change the structure of the house, the negative energy is settled by the appropriate placement of particular Vastu products in specific directions which settle the negative energy of those directions.
Acharya Ganesh only require your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to make this analysis. Acharya Ganesh will analyse your natal chart and suggest different vastu remedies to be implemented in your residence, office, shop or business establishment.

Acharya Ganesh will also suggest the precautions you must the placement of different objects.

Who should opt for AstroVastu Consultations?

  • Individuals facing challenges in health, finances, relationships
  • Top officials in corporates who are facing challenges in career, inter-personal issues, stress, internal politics
  • Small business owners running their own shop or services-based business and facing challenges in business growth, quality related issues, money stuck, issues in loan re-payment, staff related issues
  • Self-employed professionals like doctors, CAs, lawyers wanting to expand their customer base.

Our Astro Vastu Service

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