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About Us

Astrology Chakra

At Acharya Ganesh

We are constantly working towards spreading this knowledge of astrology through our various courses  which are designed by our learned team of astrologers .

Being human we are blessed with the powers to take conscious actions for the betterment of our future.

At Acharya Ganesh we have a collective group of astrologers  formed to assist you in taking those actions that will empower you in your journey through your chosen method like Astrovastu, Birth Chart Reading. With proper guidance we can sail through life’s problems in a dignified manner.

So, connect with us and experience the transformational power of Astrology.


Consultation To
Hanish Bagga

Hanish Bagga, Founder

Hanish Bagga is the Founder and Director of Acharya Ganesh, a comprehensive web portal for astrology, vastu and allied services. 

Hanish Bagga is  a highly acclaimed figure in the field of astrology. He started his journey of Astrology more than a decade ago.

Astrology is a highly  captivating journey of self realization and evolving on a soul level which can be a very intriguing experience, but it is only after such an experience that a true astrologer develops the ability to empower and change lives”

This deep understanding of the cosmos and the impact of celestial bodies on human lives leads an astrologer like Hanish Bagga on a path of guidance .

Astro Vastu is one of his specialties in which he balances out the energies of your surroundings with the energy of your chart to attract abundance ,prosperity and happiness in life.

His unique approach towards the field of astrology and vastu made him shine in the field within a very short span of time. Hanish has clients all over the globe and has been teaching and giving consultation  to overcome any difficulties in life .He provides pinpointed solutions by giving out lal kitab remedies that are highly effective once implemented or performed as per directions and are truly transformative.

Hanish has gained worldwide popularity as a Lal kitab astrologer but in recent years he has shown his astounding knowledge on vedic and how beautifully he  incorporates the two to make stunning predictions.

His tremendous dedication and Hardwork has made him an epitome in the field of teaching astrology. His success is driven by the motivation of sharing this divine knowledge with the seekers of higher knowledge. His  distinctive ability to share knowledge sets him truly apart in coaching and mentoring over thousands of students of astrology.

Hanish Bagga teaches courses that are not only unique in terms of content but are designed to suit all levels of learners from beginner to advanced.

Hanish Bagga has shown his immense gratitude by taking an initiative on launching a free course for learners of Lal kitab astrology.

How can I support you

Acharya Ganesh places you, your needs, and your well-being at the centre. His primary aim is to support you in your transformation to help you achieve your full potential. You will see a measurable difference in your life once you have consulted Acharya Ganesh and performed the remedies as advised

Connect with Acharya Ganesh today to see how he can make a difference in your life.

  • In-depth and vast subject knowledge
  • Extensive professional knowledge and expertise
  • Effective, doable, affordable, and fast acting remedies
  • Holistic 360° solutions and practical approach
  • Measurable and tangible benefits in your life
  • Dedicated support for your journey
Acharya Ganesh

Mission statement

  • Empowering people transform lives with an ideal blend of ancient and modern wisdom.
  • Transforming lives with a unique blend of ancient and modern wisdom.
  • Supporting human transformation with ancient and modern knowledge.
  • Helping individuals realise their true potential with ancient and modern wisdom.
Acharya Ganesh
Acharya Ganesh

Vision statement

  • Helping everyone achieve their true potential.
  • Transformation through ancient and modern wisdom/ knowledge
  • Realising potential and Transforming lives
  • Supporting you to achieve your true potential
  • Helping you achieve your true potential
  • Transforming human life one individual at a time
  • Supporting each one become the best version of themselves
  • Uplifting humanity by transforming lives for the better
  • Transforming lives and uplifting humanity
  • Helping you become your best version
  • Guiding you to become your best version
  • Taking ancient wisdom to the world