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Ghatika Lagna

Ghatika Lagna in Astrology

Introduction:  Astrology is a science by which we can know about the various aspects of life like health, relationship, career, children, etc. Lagna tells about an individual’s self and personality likewise Ghatika Lagna tells about a specific aspect of life. Let’s know about the concept of Ghatika Lagna, which reveals

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Arudha Lagna

Arudha Lagna in Astrology

Introduction:  Astrology is a science by which we can know about the personality of an individual in detail. To know this we have to study the Horoscope & analyze it from various angles. An Horoscope reveals the nature, personality & traits of the individual if studied carefully. But in today’s

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Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosh in Astrology

Introduction: A Kundli can have many good and bad yogas. Bad ones are generally referred to as Doshas.  Among them, the enigmatic Manglik Dosh holds a unique place, influencing the destinies of those it touches. It is a prominent dosha that affects the married life of two individuals and should

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Navamsha D-9 Chart in astrology

Navamsha D-9 Chart in Astrology

Introduction: Navamsha- “Nav” means nine and “amsha” means division. Navamsha, is the D-9 divisional chart in Astrology. It is the most important chart after D1 or Rashi Chart and gives a clear understanding of the natives’ life events. Use of Navamsha is extremely important for predictive purposes and without using

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Nakshatra Symbols & their Significance

Nakshatra Symbols & their Significance

Introduction The 27 Nakshatras symbols give us strong insights into human behavior and their potential. From the swift Horse’s head of Ashwini Nakshatras to the sensitive Deer’s Head of Mrigashira, these symbols resonate with specific personality traits, challenges and aspirations, offering a unique lens through which to understand ourselves. Lets

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marriage prospects of zodiac signs

Marriage Prospects of Zodiac Signs

Introduction: Each Zodiac sign inhabits & reveals not just tendencies towards matrimony, but also the ideal circumstances and timing for finding lasting love. Let’s see the general behavior of the Zodiac sign towards this important aspect of life.  Zodiac Signs having a tendency of Early Marriage: Aries  Quick & Fast,

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how astrology helps in business decisions

How Astrology Helps in Business Decisions

Introduction: Astrology helps us in understanding various aspects of our life. Business is an important aspect and every individual wants to excel in this aspect of life to make this journey comfortable. Each individual has a unique personality and decision making style. A successful business set-up depends heavily on the

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unveiling the science of yantras

Unveiling the Science of Yantras

Introduction The Sanskrit word for apparatus or instrument is Yantra. The Yantra is a geometric design, it can be defined as a visual mantra. These have been used since the Vedic times to remove malefic effects of evil forces and to strengthen the positive powers. The Sri Yantra, for instance,

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significance of nakshatras in astrology

Significance of Nakshatras in Astrology

Introduction: Nakshatras or Stars or Constellations are the divisions in the zodiac, which serve as an important tool in unraveling life’s mysteries. In Astrology, they enjoy a special status as their use and utility is far more than many other tools which are being currently adopted by the lovers of

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Vastu tips for a blissful relationship

Vastu Tips for a Blissful Relationship

Introduction: Vastu Tips For Married Life-Marriage is a companionship between two individuals that is meant to bring happiness, prosperity and growth. But in todays day and age it has become one of the most fragile of all relationships. Vastu is a divine and ancient science that influences our lives on

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