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Timings of Event Through Transits

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Start Date: 20th July 2024(Every Saturday)

Time: 9:00 Pm to 10:30 Pm

Duration: 6 Month Course(24 Classes)

Category:  Live Course

Language: A mix of Hindi and English

Recording Access: 1 Year

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About this Course

Course Content:

  • What is Vedic Astrology
  • Planets and Behavior
  • What is the Movement of Planets  (Transit) 
  • How to use Transit of a Planet in Predictions
  • Transit Rules for Planets and How to Use Special Rules in PREDICTIONs
  • Transit Rules for Planet Sun
  • Transit Rules for Planet Moon
  • Transit Rules for Planet Mars
  • Transit Rules for Planet Mercury
  • Transit Rules for Planet Jupiter
  • Transit Rules for Planet Venus
  • Transit Rules for Planet Saturn
  • Transit Rules for Planet Rahu
  • Transit Rules for Planet Ketu  
  • Important Transit of Planets and Its Impact on Career / Relationship & Marriage / Education / Health & Wealth / Disputes & Litigation
  • Role of Nakshatra in our Life   
  • How to predict using Planetary Transit and Birth Nakshatra  
  • Understanding Various Concepts on Transit of Planets
  • How to Predict Using Birth Moon Sign and Planetary Transit
  • How to Predict using Birth Moon Nakshatra and Planetary Transit
  • How to Predict using Birth Lagna Sign and Planetary Transit
  • How to Predict using Birth Lagna Nakshatra and Planetary Transit
  • What is Astakvarga
  • How to use Astakvarga in Predictions
  • Role of Astakvarga in Quantifying (Sizing) the Event
  • Special Rules of Ashtakvargas
  • Finding Significant Years for Life – Related to Career / Relationship & Marriage/ Child Birth / Education / Disputes and Litigations
  • Important & Secret Rules for Predictions  
  • How to Find out which planets is a Special Planet for an Individual


Live Class


Get certificate upon completion

6 Month Course(24 Classes)


A mix of Hindi and English

Course Syllabus

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