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Aquarius and your Unfulfilled desires

aquarius and your unfulfilled desires

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, it signifies fulfillment of desires. Symbol is a man with a water pitcher, water is connected to manifestation, which again signifies fulfillment of desires. Aquarius belongs to the Kama trikona, hence relates to the materialistic part of life. In our Vedic astrology system zodiac sign and their placement represents the whole life pattern of an individual. It belongs to the air element and the planetary ruler is Saturn. No planet is considered to be exalted or debilitated in the sign of Aquarius. It is a Mooltrikona sign of Saturn, so placement of Saturn is very important as it is the ascendant lord as well.

Physical attributes of Aquarius:

Natives born under Aquarius are above average height and with a calmness in their personality. They have broad face and unique sense of style. Those born under this sign are considered as handsome and decent, average in beauty and charm as well. It’s their way of interaction that catches more attention than their physical appearance.

Positive traits of Aquarius:

Aquarius born natives are very open minded with a great sense of independence. Individuals with prominent Aquarius in their chart are very friendly and adventurous by nature. They believe in fulfilling their desires and enjoy life to the fullest. In terms of materialistic success they are quite lucky as they know how to accomplish their goals and receives all the necessary support from family. Those born under this sign are quite generous and caring by nature. They are very attached to their family and follows of justice and equality. Being sensitive, kind, generous, caring towards others are strength of their personality.

Negative traits of Aquarius:

Aquarius born individuals should not go over bored with materialistic desires and comforts, it can make them lazy and unproductive. They tend to daydream a lot rather than taking action to fulfill their dreams. As the sign lord is Saturn, they must work hard in life to fulfill their goal and desires. Due to their matured outlook and personality they judge people a lot, which makes them struggle to make friends. Inability to express their feelings or thoughts can actually create obstacles in all areas of life.

General life pattern of Aquarius ascendant:

Those born under this sign are undoubtedly lucky in different areas of life, but just like any other zodiac they have their flaws and strength. Having the sign of Pisces in their second house of horoscope indicates some losses and extravagant lifestyle. It can also show loss in family life or loss of wealth, income from foreign connections is also very common for these natives. Moon is their sixth lord, which can give disputes with mother or health issues to mother. Cancer in the sixth house is also not considered good for health of the native and for general happiness. Libra falling in the ninth house will give rise in luck after marriage. Aquarius natives generally go through challenges and hardships in professional life, but they are very lucky in the matters of gains. Their social connections includes knowledgeable and wise people.


Even though it is considered to be one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac, one needs to learn lot of lessons in life. Money cannot buy happiness suits those born under this sign, as they fail to see and understand life beyond materialism. Aquarius not only gives fulfillment of desires, it also gives desire more kind of mindset. Having some unfulfilled desire is the real reason of unhappiness and dissatisfaction for people born under this sign.

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