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Ghatika Lagna in Astrology


Astrology is a science by which we can know about the various aspects of life like health, relationship, career, children, etc. Lagna tells about an individual’s self and personality likewise Ghatika Lagna tells about a specific aspect of life. Let’s know about the concept of Ghatika Lagna, which reveals some specific details:

Ghatika Lagna Use & Calculation:

Ghatika Lagna tells about how much power, authority & fame one will enjoy in one’s Life.  It is a special ascendant that is calculated based on the position of the Sun at the time of birth. Ghati means 1/60 of a day which is approx 24 minutes. Ghatik Lagna moves at 30 degrees per ghati. 1 ghati  is 1/60th of the day. 1/60th = .016667 X 24 hours = 0.40 hrs = .40 X 60 minutes = 24 minutes. Therefore 24 minutes is equal to 1 ghati. So every 24 minutes , starting at Sun rise, the Lagna moves 30 degrees. 

Ghatika Lagna is a Upachaya Lagna, meaning the house it occupies, and its significance will improve with time. Many powerful and authoritative people have a special Ghatika Lagna and this is visible in their charts. If any planet aspects both ascendant, Hora and Ghati Lagna, a very strong Raj Yoga occurs in a chart. 


Astrology is a science having multiple techniques and methodologies to check a particular aspect of life. This lagna is one technique by which a specific aspect of life can be checked. Though this aspect can be checked with other rules also. For Astrologers, it becomes easy to give accurate predictions by confirming an event with multiple methodologies. In case you need further information and want to learn Astrology, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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