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Arudha Lagna in Astrology

arudha lagna in astrology

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Astrology is a science by which we can know about the personality of an individual in detail. To know this we have to study the Horoscope & analyze it from various angles. An Horoscope reveals the nature, personality & traits of the individual if studied carefully. But in today’s world it’s important to know not only what is real but what is unreal too. Let’s know about the concept of Arudha Lagna, which reveals the unreal. 

Lagna & Arudha Lagna:

Lagna is the starting and most important point of the horoscope. It tells everything about the self in question. Arudha Lagna is like a mirror image of Lagna, which projects an image that is perceived by the otherworld. In other words, it is the Maya that surrounds our existence and builds perception around our world. This projects this Maya and tells what the world perceives about us. Lagna is our true self and Arudh Lagna is what the people think we are. It is an image Ascendant that serves as a celestial mirror reflecting how an individual is perceived by the external world. 

Calculation of Arudha Lagna:

This is not a planet or a specific point in the zodiac. It is calculated by counting the number of houses Lagna Lord is placed in and then counting the same number from Lagna Lord. The house that is reached is called the Arudha Lagna. For Example if in Aries Lagna horoscope, Lagna lord Mars is present in 5th house, counting from Lagna we get 5. Now counting 5 from Mars placed in 5th house, we reach 9th house. This is the Arudha Lagna for this horoscope. Exception to this rule is that if Arudha Lagna falls in the first or seventh house, we take the Tenth house as Arudha Lagna. First & Seventh houses are never taken as Arudha Lagna.

Significance of Arudha Lagna:

Understanding Arudha Lagna is instrumental in deciphering interpersonal relationships. It sheds light on how personal and professional connections are influenced by the projected image and societal expectations, offering profound insights for navigating the intricacies of human connections. It mirrors how the world views an individual, shaping societal expectations, impressions, and judgments based on one’s actions and behaviors. Astrologers leverage the wisdom of Arudha Lagna as a pivotal element in chart analysis. Its influence on the perception of career, relationships, and social standing enriches the astrological narrative, offering a comprehensive view of an individual’s life journey. The awareness of the perceived image allows for intentional self-expression, fostering authenticity while harmonizing with societal expectations.


In Astrology, It emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the interplay between internal identity and societal image. Awareness of Arudha Lagna offers a compass for intentional self-expression and harmonious integration with the world. 

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