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Nakshatra Simplified Course

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga and Astrologer Asha Kulhar

Starting Date: 9th  June 2024 (Every Sunday)

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Duration: 8 Month (30 Classes Approx)

Category:  Live Class

Language: A mix of Hindi and English

Recording Access: 1 Year

Call or WhatsApp’s at 7300004325/7300004326



  1. Introduction to Nakshatra
  2. Mythological stories of Nakshatra
  3. Nature of Nakshatra
  4. Dosha of Nakshatra
  5. Deity of Nakshatra
  6. Concept of Tara Bala
  7. Result of planets transiting from Janma Nakshatra
  8. Key theme of Nakshatra
  9. Activation ages of Nakshatra
  10. Importance of Nakshatra Symbol
  11. Favorable activities of Nakshatra
  12. Unfavorable activities of Nakshatra
  13. Strength of Nakshatra
  14. Weakness of Nakshatra
  15. Body parts associated with Nakshatra
  16. Power of Nakshatra
  17. Places associated with Nakshatra
  18. Element of Nakshatra
  19. Navamsa sign of Nakshatra
  20. Career connected with Nakshatra
  21. Compatibility of Nakshatra
  22. Orientation of Nakshatra
  23. Element of Nakshatra
  24. Mantra associated with Nakshatra
  25. Detailed analysis of Ashwini Nakshatra
  26. Detailed analysis of Bharani Nakshatra
  27. detailed analysis of Kritika Nakshatra
  28. Detailed analysis of Rohini Nakshatra
  29. Detailed analysis of Mrigashira Nakshatra
  30. Detailed analysis of Ardra Nakshatra
  31. Detailed analysis of Punarvasu Nakshatra
  32. Detailed analysis of Pushya Nakshatra
  33. Detailed analysis of Ashlesha Nakshatra
  34. Detailed analysis of Magha Nakshatra
  35. Detailed analysis of PoorvaPhalguni Nakshatra
  36. Detailed analysis of UttraPhalguni Nakshatra
  37. Detailed analysis of Hasta Nakshatra
  38. Detailed analysis of Chitra Nakshatra
  39. Detailed analysis of Swati Nakshatra
  40. Detailed analysis of Vishakha Nakshatra
  41. Detailed analysis of Anuradha Nakshatra
  42. Detailed analysis of Jyestha Nakshatra
  43. Detailed analysis of Moola Nakshatra
  44. Detailed analysis of Poorvashadha Nakshatra
  45. Detailed analysis of Uttrashadha Nakshatra
  46. Detailed analysis of Shravana Nakshatra
  47. Detailed analysis of Dhanishtha Nakshatra
  48. Detailed analysis of Shatbhisha Nakshatra
  49. Detailed analysis of Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra
  50. Detailed analysis of Uttrabhadrapada Nakshatra
  51. Detailed analysis of Revathi Nakshatra
  52. Remedies of Nakshatra
  53. Result of Planets placed in different Padas of Nakshatra
  54. Special predictions for Nakshatra
  55. Predicting events as per Nadi Nakshatra activation.



  1. Understanding the role of Nakshatra in Astrology
  2. Understand the impact of Nakshatra on our lives.
  3. How different Padas give different results?
  4. Result of planets placed in Nakshatra
  5. How to pin point event through planets transiting in
  6. How to use Navamsa sign for prediction?
  7. Enhanced ability to use Nakshatra for different events in life.
  8. Connect with the core essence of Nakshatra
  9. Remedial measures of Nakshatra.
  10. Enhance your luck with Nakshatra
  11. How to use each attributes of Nakshatra for prediction.
  12. Become an expert in Nakshatra predictions.


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