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Scintillating and Vivacious Geminis

Scintillating And Vivacious Geminis

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Gemini is one of the airy signs of the zodiac , the symbol is twins which depicts the quality of a Gemini. The ruling  planet is Mercury and the houses it rules in a horoscope is the third house of skills and communication. In Astrology Gemini is a sign of business, sales, marketing,  travel, intelligence and communication. It is one of the restless signs that has a very short span of attention. 

Communication is one of the most important parts of human life , without which all humans will lose their  expression  of life. Mastery over communication is what sets humans apart from any other living beings.

 Acquiring knowledge, sharing knowledge, and utilizing knowledge would be impossible without the skills of communication. It is the most crucial thing after food and water for human existence. Gemini is a very youthful sign representing the prince, it holds the key to our innovative ideas and intelligence. The vivaciousness of Gemini can be challenging at times as they find it hard to handle that unnecessary  attention leading to certain  distraction and loss of peace.

Gemini Moon:

One of the most talkative and expressive of all the zodiac signs, it is the charmer of all. The thinking and communication abilities of a Gemini moon is highly captivating, as they can express words with feelings. Gemini moon individuals are always on alert mode as they have great level of intuition, and can sense things around them in a very unusual manner. They know how to handle and can overcome any situation with their communication skills. If the placement of Mercury is also good in the chart it can make one a great orator and excellent in public speaking.

Geminis are the most charming out of all the zodiac because of their ability to interact with any age group with ease.

Geminis are known for their dual personality ,but it is not the dual personality it is their ability to change according to the situation and place that gets people confused about their true personality. They possess great learning skills along with the ability to share their learnings. Because of the air element it’s hard for a Geminis to stay focused on one thing for too long. But when they master the ability to focus they can achieve a lot more than anybody.

Gemini and your Struggles in Life:

Being an airy sign wherever Gemini falls in your chart that area has a lot of ups and downs and disturbances, it requires a lot of attention in that area to balance out things . Gemini sign represents  one’s intellectual abilities and presence of mind .Gemini is the skill that one possess in life, it may come very natural for some if it also has benefic planets placed in this sign. But the lack of stability and dual approach in that area can be a matter of concern and leads to  indecisiveness and feeling of confusion.

Planets that occupy this sign can impact one immensely especially when planets like Mars and ketu which are enemies of  the planet Mercury .

This can  lead to a very harsh and ruthless style of communication, which obviously gets one into a lot of trouble . Our communication is what makes us who we are and it can break any relationship as it is the core of our society.

Delightful and Witty:

Gemini people are known for their wittiness and great sense of humor , they can turn  any boring conversation into an interesting one. They are social butterflies that enjoy travel, meeting people and above all very easy to get along with. They carry this delightful persona that is quite attractive and pleasing. Their  ability of multitasking is incomparable to any other zodiac , it’s usually impossible for a Gemini to just do one thing at a time. Having multiple sources of income is very common with Gemini ruled natives , multiple affairs , multiple friends, multiple ideas, speaking multiple languages are very common traits of this sign. 

One can achieve great heights of success if they know how to utilize the energy of Gemini and have a balanced approach in the same area .The curiosity that a Gemini carries can make one Jack of all trades and Master of None.

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