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Moon the Source of your Happiness

Moon the Source of your Happiness

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Moon the luminous planet representing our mind, health, wealth, mother, is also the source of happiness in our lives. It is the closest of all the nine planets. It has a great impact on our mind, emotions and wealth.

In Astrology Moon is the significator of all that brings happiness; it rules the fourth sign of cancer and the fourth house of a birth chart. It also represents water which gives it more strength to impact all living beings on earth. Placement of the moon in a birth chart shows our source of happiness in life. Everyone seeks happiness and the source of happiness and mental peace comes through different sources for different individuals. By checking the placement of the moon we can identify the source of happiness. Mental stimulation is  a psychological aspect of our lives. Through Astrology we can unlock the hidden codes that can bring out the best in anyone.

Different Houses For Moon:

 First house:

In the first finds happiness through own efforts and in self accomplishments. Their self identity and personality becomes very important with such a placement of the moon. The first house moon makes one  self focused, goal orientated and happiness can be found through personal achievements .

Second house:

In second House moon are very family oriented personalities they seek happiness through their family and wealth, It is very important for their mental peace to have support of family and a good bank balance.

Third house:

 In third house of a horoscope, will find happiness through communication, siblings, immediate surroundings also impacts them immensely. They find happiness through self efforts and expression through writing, creative skills.

Fourth house:

These people find their peace of mind within the home, they are at peace when they are near their mother or in a nurturing environment like home. They also like to nurture people which gives them inner peace.

Fifth house:

Happiness and peace through one’s creative endeavors, hobbies, and children. It is highly curious to learn something new in this house of education, having romantic involvement is very important for such individuals.

Sixth house:

This is one of the challenging placements for moon in Astrology as they can be very critical of others, the happiness will come in having good health and winning over enemies gives them peace.

Seventh house:

It is considered to be an exalted position for the planet Moon. It enjoys meeting new people, especially of opposite sex, writing, public dealings, and of course in partnership , having a good spouse is what makes them happy, they are quite imaginative and highly romantic by nature, seeking  enjoyment through physical intimacy is also important to them.

Eighth house:

It will seek happiness through occult, and mysticism. They enjoy deep diving into the hidden world.

Ninth house:

When the moon is placed in the ninth house its source of happiness is higher knowledge, spirituality. These individuals are emotionally connected to their GURU and find happiness through them.

Tenth house:

This  placement makes one workaholic and they enjoy their work and find happiness through career growth, and bosses. Achievements and fame in the outer world brings happiness.

Eleventh house:

It is a party lover, such an individual enjoys and finds happiness through their social circle or friends, elder brother also helps them in fulfillment of desires.

Twelfth house:

 In twelfth finds happiness in solitude, meditation, spirituality. They also feel happier when they travel to foreign lands. It gives happiness away from birthplace. 

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When one is aware of the source of inner peace and happiness it becomes a lot easier to divert the energy in the right direction . Finding your true source of happiness can improve life and change the way one perceives happiness. Contentment in life can be achieved by focusing on enhancing the areas that bring inner peace.

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