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Scorpio the Enigmatic Sign of the Zodiac

Scorpio the Enigmatic Sign of the Zodiac

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Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, ruled by the fiery planet Mars. It is the most transformative of all the zodiac signs, being the ruler of the eighth house of death. Astrology considers the eighth house to be the most malefic, as it also represents sudden events and accidents, which are often associated with pain and sorrow in a person’s life. The symbol of this sign is the Scorpio, and the element of this sign is water. Water signifies change and depth, which relate to the qualities represented by Scorpio.

Positive traits of Scorpio:

Scorpions are courageous and fearless, which makes them take bold decisions in life and shine through the complexities. They are born with the ability to handle the darkness of life associated with the eighth house in astrology. They are loyal, passionate,passionate and emotional in relationships. This is a highly intuitive sign that gives them the ability to sense their surroundings and be cautious in their dealings. Scorpio-ruled natives are generally very loyal and dedicated and expect the same. Scorpions are the most mysterious personalities of all the zodiacs; they can change their behaviour in a spur of the moment.

Negative traits of Scorpio

One of the most negative traits of this zodiac sign is jealousy, which is the main cause of failures and suffering in their lives. They come across as very moody and secretive, which makes them seem like they are detached, but this is their fighting mechanism to deal with the troublesome events. They do not forget their enemies very easily and are quite revengeful, which makes them carry any negative emotion for too long, resulting in their own health issues or disturbed peace of mind. Scorpions are very stubborn-headed individuals; they are not good at listening to others or admitting their mistakes. Another hardest thing for Scorpions is to forgive people who hurt them. It is very hard to understand the mindset of a Scorpio-dominated individual, as they are highly secretive and mysterious in nature.

Scorpio and Your Mistakes:

Wherever the sign of Scorpio falls in one’s chart, that area of life undergoes transformation, as you are most likely to be cheated in that area. Scorpio sign placement shows your struggles and mistakes in life that you make due to stubbornness, trusting the wrong people, or making the wrong decisions. It is the sign of death; it is bound to give intense experiences in the areas based on the house and planet significance. It carries this transformative energy to the house; it is placed in a horoscope. You are bound to make mistakes in the area of Scorpio, as it doesn’t give you enough time to defend. The energy of that house or planet will be the same as the sudden sting of a Scorpio. The struggle of a Scorpio comes through family and friends.

Personal Growth and Scorpio:

Growth in Scorpio is only possible when one learns “THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS IS THE HAPPINESS OF OTHERS” and overcomes the feelings of jealousy and revenge. Overcoming these negative feelings opens up a new horizon that will lead to happiness and prosperity, along with personal upliftment. People encounter many setbacks and hardships in life when the sign of Scorpio is strongly situated, such as in the ascendant or with planets like the moon. Understanding the reason behind the events happening in the cosmos becomes possible by having a spiritual approach to life and letting go of what doesn’t serve their soul’s purpose.

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