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Saturn and Your limitations

saturn and your limitations

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Saturn, the slowest moving planet of all, is also the coldest. It represents time, so it plays the most significant role in the timing of events in astrology. Few of the things that Saturn symbolizes in astrology are, labor, pain, sorrow, sickness, longevity, responsibility, dedication, delay, construction, discipline and restrictions. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius signs of the zodiac, ruling the tenth and eleventh house in a horoscope.

It is a planet that is highly misunderstood by many due to its tough qualities which are actually required to teach humans power of karma. Wherever Saturn is placed in a birth chart it teaches us unique lessons related to that house, it will also impact results of the planet it is in conjunction with. Saturn is friendly to planets Venus and mercury and neutral with Jupiter but enemies with sun, moon and mars. Knowledge of the relationship between planets is very important to interpret the results of planets in different signs, houses and in conjunctions. Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada are the nakshatras ruled by Saturn. Stone of Saturn is blue- sapphire and direction is west .

Saturn through different houses:

First house:

Placement of Saturn in lagna is not considered good as it gives heath issues and sorrows in life. It delays all the good things in the life of the native, and teaches the lesson of life as a hard task master. They are more mature and sincere than their age.

Second house:

Saturn in the house of speech may add harshness in the communication style. It will give issues in family and finances. These natives lie a lot or fail to keep their promises.

Third house:

Saturn placed in the third house gives bad relationships with siblings, makes one slow and lazy in self efforts. The communication style will be negatively impacted if there is no aspect of Jupiter.

Fourth house:

it can be a very challenging placement of Saturn to handle as it delays happiness ,peace and nurturing from mother. Mother can be very strict or the home environment lacks warmth.

Fifth house:

Saturn in the house of romance ,hobbies and education shows break or struggle in completing education, may not be able to follow hobbies due to unnecessary restrictions and heartbreaks in the matters of love can be easily predicted with such placement.
Saturn in the fifth house also gives delays in childbirth .

Sixth house:

This is a placement that makes one committed to a job and work with dedication and sincerity. But Saturn here can make one struggle due to unnecessary disputes and lack of understanding with co-workers. Health can be a matter of concern and gives delay in the diagnosis of a disease.

Seventh house:

Saturn is considered exalted in this house and can take one to great heights in career as seventh house also represents elevation in career. Saturn in seventh can give coldness in the relationship matters or delay in marriage. Lack of understanding in partnership.

Eighth house:

Dark planets like Saturn do well in dark houses compared to the soft planets. Saturn here may cause long term health troubles to the native. Delays in inheritance and limited understanding with the family of the spouse. One can do really well in the field of occult with such placement.

Ninth house:

Saturn in the ninth house of luck ,father, spirituality shows the strict nature of father or guru and also struggles in the life of father. Individuals with such placement of saturn will have to face interruptions in the matters of luck . They will have very rigid views on spirituality along with discipline in the same area.

Tenth house:

Saturn in its own house will give very good results in professional life but will make one highly dedicated and sacrifice other things for the sake of profession.

Eleventh house:

This placement of Saturn is also considered powerful as it makes one gain through own hard work. It also makes one highly intuitive but gains will be delayed. These individuals are quite introverted and unable to express themselves in social gatherings.

Twelfth house:

Twelfth house of isolation, prison and hospitalization may make one spend more time alone or work in such areas. On the positive side it may delay or deny losses, so this placement is good in the materialistic terms.

Discipline is the key to success:

Once we align ourselves with the energy of planets in our chart , even planets like Saturn will not give malefic results. As we understand the core principle of each planet and develop resilience and acceptance we can manifest our dreams into reality.
One of the key principles one must follow in life is discipline is the key to success, which can make one achieve great triumph and happiness.

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