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Vargottama Planet and your Potential in Life

Vargottama Planet And Your Potential In Life

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Vargottama is a concept in Vedic Astrology that is widely used by all Astrologers, Varga means division and ottama means fine or great.  A planet falls in this category, when it occupies the same zodiac sign in the main birth chart and in the Navamsa chart. When a planet becomes Vargottama its  result giving capacity  increases and it usually gives benefic and powerful results. Vargottama planet can actually give great results especially when it is placed in the Kendra or Trikona houses.

Results of a Vargottama planet:


When sun is in the same sign in both d1 and d9 (navamsa), it can bestow one with a great amount of power, confidence, authority and a prominent position at the workplace.


Anytime someone has their moon as Vargottama it makes one highly caring, compassionate, nurturing by nature. It also blesses one with all the a great amount of emotional balance  and intuitive power that he or she can use to heal people. The person with such placement will be expert in understanding emotions of other people and connect with them.


Having the most benefic planet as Vargottama is a blessing, it makes one wise and knowledgeable in his field. This Jupiter has the power to take one to the great heights in the field of teaching or  counseling . This person will follow dharma along with the path of righteousness.


When mars, the planet signifying courage and action becomes Vargottama in one’s chart ,can make one highly courageous and action oriented. This mars can make one achieve great success in the field of sports or  military. This person will be lucky in the matters of land and property.


Venus in Vargottama enhances the creativity in the individual along with all the comforts and luxuries of life. This placement of Venus can be seen in the chart of people in the media industry , artists or in the field of beauty. This is a good placement for the matters of relationship as well.


Mercury when placed as Vargottama it makes one highly intellectual, business minded, good in communication . Writers, public speakers, astrologers, are the areas one can do really well. Quick thinking along with the ability to quick learning will be quite obvious with such placement.


Whenever Saturn becomes Vargottama one can be highly disciplined, responsible and dutiful in nature. This Saturn can make one really a hard task master in their chosen field. This person will have a great amount of endurance in life.


Rahu as Vargottama can make one highly materialistic and clever in their day to day dealings. The quality of Rahu will be quite visible in the personality ,as this person will get things done by hook or crook in life .


anytime a spiritual planet gets Vargottama in a chart , it can make one highly spiritual or detached from the worldly pleasures. Intuitive abilities will be enhanced and can make one work in the field of healing and spirituality. This person will enjoy being in  isolation leading to some metaphysical experiences for the native.

Concept of Bhavottama:

There is a concept of bhavottama when a planet occupies the same house and the same sign in both d1 and d9 is considered as bhavottama . It makes the planet fructify  its results in a powerful manner.

The strength of a planet becomes more heightened when it becomes bhavottama .A planet that is both Vargottama and bhavottama becomes even more powerful and gives strong results .During the Mahadasha or Antardasha of a Vargottama planet one can experience great results and rise and shine in life .

Vargottama planet is a blessing:

Any planet can actually give its full results when it becomes Vargottama ,the full potential of an individual in regards to that area or house significance can be seen. Having a Vargottama planet can make one do exceptionally well depending on the house and planet. Having a benefic planet in kendra or trikona as Vargottama is a blessing that one is born with.

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