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Leo the sign of Perseverance

Leo the sign of Perseverance

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The zodiac sign of Leo is a sign ruled by the planet sun, it is a sign of a king representing power, authority, fame, creativity and ego. Symbol is lion and it belongs to the fiery group of the zodiac. Direction of Leo is east and fifth house is the natural house of Leo. Sun being the ruler of this sign person born with Leo rising will be ambitious, confident and independent in nature. Leo rising are magnetic, attractive and natural leaders. Wherever Leo falls in ones chart one has to go through lot of struggles before rising. Success does not come that easy it has its own challenges, Leo native are just born with the power to overcome any challenges. Being a royal sign these native carry a persona that has royal vibes.

Positive qualities of Leo rising:

Leo natives are born leaders, they have this great ability to lead and handle things. They are charismatic and attractive in personality. It is almost impossible for Leo rising to not get noticed as they have this ability to shine through their talent or personality. It rising are really creative thinkers has the mind set of winners. These native are also loyal and caring in their relationships, as they have this natural protective instinct. These people are kind hearted and of helping nature, which makes them popular among their circle. They are highly competitive which makes them always improve and grow in life. Leo people are really great in public dealings, as they know how to carry themselves in an impressive manner. They are also considerate of others and likes to help people with their unique sense of leadership.

Weakness of Leo rising:

It natives are boastful and flashy always seeking appreciation from others. It rising people are born with some inherent qualities that makes them stand out from the crowd, but they are over confident at times and cannot work under someone due to high sense of leadership and authority. Sometimes their self-respect turns into ego and it makes them appear stubborn and bossy for people around them. They may come across as self-obsessed personality due to their sense of self-worth. Possessiveness and jealousy is another reason these people struggle in life.
They have this shrewd nature that can look controlling and demanding, in their personal relationships. It born natives are also attention seekers and behaves in a selfish manner, without realizing the impact of their behavior on their relations. Due to the natural ruler of fifth house of romance these people generally like to indulge in the matters of romance. They have high desire of name and fame that can divert them from the path of righteousness. They behave childish at times causing more delays and struggles in achieving their goals.

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Leo native should have humble approach towards life, as it will help them to grow and improve their relationships. It is very hard for them to learn the lesson of sharing is caring as they do not intend to share things with others, but that is the only way to grow in life. They should also learn to balance their controlling behavior as it leads to failures in relationship matters especially with in the family. Holding on to ones pride in a dignified manner makes them royal and popular. Leo natives have their hidden struggles that they do not like to discuss, but once they know how to overcome these negative feelings they can perform better in everything. Being royal means care for others before self and this the mantra for success for Leo. Having a great level of perseverance is what it is all about.

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