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Impact of Budh Aditya Yoga

Impact of Budh Aditya Yoga

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Budh Aditya Yoga is formed when planet sun and mercury both are placed in a same house of a horoscope. Although it is quite a common combination but what makes it special is the degrees and when mercury is placed behind the sun. Sun and mercury are considered to be friends so it is a good combination to have as both the planets give good results.
Sun represents our authority, power and mercury represents our intellect and learning abilities. When these two are together it shows brightened sense of intellect along with power and good level of self-confidence.

Impact of Budh Aditya Yoga in Different Houses:

First house:

When Budh Aditya Yoga is formed in first house of your horoscope, it gives one good vitality, intelligence and fame. This person will receive favors in life from government or bosses.

Second house:

Formation of this yoga in second house will make one lucky in the matters of finance, as this person will be intelligent in dealing of financial matters. It will also bless the native a good financial support from family.

Third house:

Good for writing and communication skills. The native will have great skill of creativity along with intelligence, will shine in the field of writing or some sort of communication.

Fourth house:

This combination is not considered good in the fourth house for the emotional well-being of a native as the energy of sun in the fourth will make one hot tempered and mercury will feel restless at home, leading to dissatisfaction in the matters of home and family.

Fifth house:

It is a good placement as it will give great learning capabilities, enhanced creativity and good personality that will attract opposite sex easily. This placement can make one make money through stock market, and have high interest in romantic affairs.

Sixth house:

Great placement as it will give one win over enemies and use ones intelligence at the work front to gain name and fame. It is a placement that makes one extremely smart in their day to day dealings.

Seventh house:

Good placement for achieving higher position in the professional life, will do well in business. The spouse of such native will have good intelligence but it creates issues in the relationship.

Eighth house:

This combination in the darkest house of horoscope will make one struggle in life as the native will struggle in the personal relationship. Sudden losses in business and reputation can also be seen. Health of father or happiness from father will be a struggle for the native.

Ninth house:

this is a good placement in terms of acquiring higher knowledge. It can also give gains through father and lucky if one follows spirituality.
Tenth house:

This will give one lucky in the profession and the native will use his intelligence and creativity that will bring lot of success and popularity.

Eleventh house:

Eleventh house of gains and social connections having this yoga shows one getting gains through business and gains through father. The native will get favors from really reputed people of the society.

Twelfth house:

Not considered a good placement as the person with such placement will suffer losses due to wrong decisions. One can do well in foreign lands or in the matters of twelfth house like charity, spirituality and helping mankind.


Overall this is a good placement but in certain houses it doesn’t give positive results. One should always learn to balance ones ego with intelligence to achieve desired goals in life. This planetary combination has its uniqueness and can give extremely good results in certain circumstances , but understanding this combination can help one make better choices. Budh Aditya Yoga has lot of positive outcome if it is not afflicted in any way.

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