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Mars and Your Courage

Mars and Your Courage

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Mars the planet that represents courage, action, anger, weapons, land, brother, accidents impulse behavior. It rules the first house and eighth house of kalpurush Kundli. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Sun, moon and Jupiter are friends of mars, planet mercury is the enemy and has neutral relationship with Saturn and Venus. Mars holds signification of third house of courage, siblings, communication and our immediate surrounding.

Result of mars in different houses:

First house:

The First house makes one courageous, aggressive, blunt, passionate and restless. The native with such placement will be slim and short tempered. Mars in the first house are controlling and energetic individuals. They show courage in taking action for their physical appearance and health. The native will have good leadership qualities and great physical stamina.

Second house:

The second house shows argumentative nature and harsh manners of speaking. These individuals shows courage in the matters of finance and wealth. These people should maintain cordial relations with siblings as it will help them in accumulation of wealth.

Third house:

The third house makes one bold and action oriented personality, as they will not hold back in expressing themselves. They may show courage related to the matters of friends and siblings, but these people are born courageous as they will have fighting instinct. Happiness from sibling can be reduced with such placement.

Fourth house:

It is a debilitated position for mars as the emotions will come between the courage. These native are very aggressive within the home environment. They will show courage in the matters of mother, vehicles, land .This placement shows lack of mental peace in life and makes one stay away from home if other factors are also supporting.

Fifth house:

The fifth house will show extraordinary talent or courage for learning, in the matters of children and in the love relationships they can be aggressive but courageous. They would be very controlling and dominating in relationships.

Sixth house:

The sixth shows the native will have courage in daily life and will win over enemies. Mars in the sixth also makes one courageous or take extreme action related to health issues.

Seventh house:

The seventh house of partnership and business will make one take bold actions in these areas of life. This person will be aggressive and courageous in the matters of relationship. It is not considered a good placement as it makes one Manglik with such placement.

Eighth house:

The eighth house is not considered a good placement but this person will have fearless attitude towards death. The native may be very courageous in issues related to inheritance or involved in occult .Health related challenges may be a matter of concern.

Ninth house:

The ninth house makes one have courage and action oriented in the matters of spirituality, higher knowledge and long distance travel. Native with such placement will have great courage due to the belief in the higher powers. Happiness from father will be missing in the life of such native especially when mars conjunct or aspected by malefic.

Tenth house:

The native with such placement can show extraordinary courage related to career choices or at workplace. It gives authoritative roles at workplace. One should be careful of behaving in impulsive manner in professional atmosphere.

Eleventh house:

The eleventh house can make one really courageous in the matters of gains and social connections. People with such placement will be daring in making connections. It is a great placement for monetary gains.

Twelfth house:

The twelfth house makes one courageous in secret matters, this person may have secret relationships, and may also show courage in the matters of investment as well as losses. This can give health issues to the native, travel to foreign lands. Mars in twelfth people are self-obsessed in a way and makes one spendthrift as the courage and restlessness to spend money is there.

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Mars placement in a horoscope shows the area one exerts the most energy. Energy of mars is aggressive and powerful, so one behaves or likes to control in that area. It shows our efforts and courage in life along with our ability to handle things.
The courage of mars can also work as a savior in the time of crisis, one should learn to manage the power of mars with patience. Energy of mars gets manifested in our lives through actions and aggression, but it is important to not take impulsive decisions in that area of life.

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