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Understanding Mars in Houses

Understanding Mars in Houses

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Mars,  in  the Red planet, has a strong impact on various aspects of our lives. It is a planet that represents courage, action, passion & energy. Lets learn about the cosmic influence & varied results that Mars in houses of our Kundli

A Go-Getter: The Mars in 1st House

When placed in the First House or Lagna of the Kundli, Mars takes center stage, it gives the native assertiveness, passion, courage & self-drive. Those people who have Mars in  first house generally have a bold approach in their decision making style. They are dynamic and competitive and always ready to accept challenges. Such a placement of Mars gives strong fighting spirit and vigor to the native & makes him a go-getter.

Financial Success: The Mars in 2nd House

Mars in the second house of Kundli,  makes the native drive his energy towards material possessions, finance, money & makes him ambitious towards financial & material success. These individuals are proactive towards money matters & growth of their finances. People with Mars in the second house should avoid harsh speech to promote family harmony.

Assertive Communication: The Mars in 3rd House

Third house is the house of communication. Mars here, makes the native assertive and convincing in communication. A good Mars here gives good relationships with siblings. It makes the native courageous & hardworking. Native is a multitasker and loves to learn various subjects. 

Family & Mother: The Mars in 4th House

Mars in the Fourth house of Kundli shows its influence on the home and family. With this placement, the native displays a drive for leadership & infuses a sense of energy and determination, within the family environment. Such a placement can also give some relationship issues with mother. Health issues to mother is also possible.

Dynamic Creativity: The Mars in 5th House

In the Fifth house, Mars gives its fiery nature to the native’s creative & artistic abilities. It enhances the individual’s ego, emotions & creative talents. Mars also gives success in sports & hobbies. It gives interest in quick profit making. People with such a placement should avoid impulsive decision making with regard to investment and short term profit making or speculation.

Service with Passion: The Mars in 6th House

Sixth house of service with Mars posited in it, gives the individual a disciplined approach towards work. It makes the person hard working, independent & devoted towards his profession. This position can also make people envy you because of your aggressive approach, resulting in enmity. 

Partner & Partnerships: The Mars in 7th House

In the Seventh house, Mars influences the area of partnerships & relationships with intensity and assertiveness. Native, with such a placement, seek a partner who shares their drive for achievement. In business, it makes the native an aggressive negotiator. One should not be over-aggressive in behavior to avoid disputes in partnership.

Transformation & Depth: The Mars in 8th House

Mars in the Eighth House, gives the native strength to rise high through the challenges. This transformative strength helps in evolution & growth through difficult situations. This placement gives a strong desire for intimacy, depth & transformation. The individuals with this placement have strong determination and strength, which could be mostly hidden. People with this placement have high intuitive abilities.

Wisdom of Self: The Mars in 9th House

The Ninth house Mars gives the native ability to approach life’s journey with zeal and enthusiasm. This placement encourages a dynamic pursuit of wisdom and a bold exploration of different cultures and beliefs. Person with such a placement may have his own understanding of religion & philosophy which is different from others. Mars in  the 9th house can also create relationship issues with the Father.

Leadership & Profession: The Mars in 10th House

Mars in the Tenth house shows its influence on career and public life. This placement results in a dynamic and ambitious approach to professional life. People with such a placement have good managerial capabilities and are driven to achieve recognition and success in the public sphere. 

Social Influence: The Mars in 11th House

In the Eleventh house, Mars extends its radiance to social circles, making the people good team players, promoting collective endeavors. Natives with such placement generally have a large social network and are viewed as influential personalities. A good Mars gives gain from desires.

Mystic & Spiritual: The Mars in 12th House

Mars in the Twelfth house, delves into the mystical and spiritual realms. Spiritual exploration blends with subconscious thoughts & dreams giving some confusion and indecisiveness. One needs to take care of hidden enemies with such a position in the Kundli. People with such a placement are passionate in their marriage & relationship. Meditation is a great help for such natives.

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Mars is a planet of Dynamism & Aggressiveness. Its influence on each houses of Kundli energizes the particular area of life denoted by that house. If we use this energy of Mars in a positive manner, we can Win this race of life.

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