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Power of Zodiac Signs

Power of Zodiac Signs

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Astrology is a study of the celestial bodies and zodiac signs. The Zodiac sign holds a great significance in astrology, as the elements of the signs set  the basic and fundamentals of astrology. There are 12 Zodiac signs and each sign is ruled by a certain planet and represented by symbols.  Zodiac signs are categorized into groups based on their elements.

Four Elements of Zodiac Signs:

The four elements are fire, earth, air and water:

These elements are the energies of the universe and it is crucial for all human  beings to have balance of these energies in their surroundings to live a healthy and affluent life. The significance of these signs in a horoscope becomes more important when they become ruler of ascendant, sun or moon. All zodiac signs have certain symbols, colors and each sign rules one house in the horoscope.

Rulers of Fire Signs:

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fiery sins of the zodiac belt. They represent our Passion, Courage, Enthusiasm and have similarities in terms of the basic attitude and expression  of the energies .People who are born with prominent placement of fire signs in their horoscope have certain similar traits and approach towards life. Fire signs are considered to be highly Passionate, Ambitious, Aggressive, Action-Oriented, Practical in approach. Aries is ruled by planet Mars which has the same qualities as the sign. Leo is ruled by the planet Sun the planet of authority Power.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which represents our Wisdom, higher knowledge and focused approach.

If anyone is born with a fiery sign in the ascendant they will have these traits in their personality, if sun sign is fiery of an individual, it makes the person very authoritative in nature and gives lot of aggression. if someone has moon in these signs their mental and emotional behavior will reflect the qualities of the sign.

Rulers of Earth Signs:

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the earth signs. Earth signs individuals are wise and Practical, Materialistic, Fond of food and Luxury. Taurus is ruled by planet Venus and considered to be a sign of wealth and stability. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, It is a sign of critical analysis and Mercury is a very analytical sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, it’s an earthy sign and represents delays and hard work the same as Saturn. Having earthy ascendant signs makes one highly materialistic and grounded at the same time. If the sun is an earthy sign this person will work towards stability in life while maintaining a great sense of security. Having a moon in earthy signs makes a native well balanced in emotions with the ability to make  substantial wealth.

Rulers of Air Signs:

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air Zodiac signs. Air signs are highly Communicative, Intellectual ,Exuberant and Impatient. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury and it rules our communication and intelligence. Libra is ruled by planet Venus it represents luxury, balance and relationships, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and represents the fruit of our hard work and adventurous of life, Air signs are the most restless and intellectual of all. Air ascendant will always be youthful in appearance and physically active, When the sun sign falls in this category it makes the individual outgoing and commanding in communication. Having a moon in an airy sign makes a native emotionally unstable and highly expressive of their emotions.

Rulers of Water Signs:

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water signs representing  our deep emotions. Water signs are Creative, Imaginative and Compassionate in nature. Ruler of cancer is the moon which makes this the most emotional sign among the zodiacs. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, its sign of transformation and secrets. Pisces is the 12th sign, it represents  spirituality and compassion ruled by Jupiter. People born with cancer as an ascendant sign are Charming, Beautiful and attractive. Sun in watery sign is quite challenging as the sense of leadership will get impacted by emotions. Moon in cancer are definitely emotional  beings but  they manage their emotions quite well. Cancer moons are great in nurturing others and their intuitive abilities are very strong.

Impact of Zodiac Signs:

In Astrology the impact of these signs with regards to their elements is deeply illustrated. Impact of these signs on human beings are extremely influential as it shapes the Nature, Personality, Mental capability, Emotions, Reactions and Actions. Even planets sitting in a particular sign absorbs the quality of that sign and alters the results of that Planet. Some zodiac signs are highly compatible and some are completely opposite in Nature, Compatibility between the zodiac signs makes a big difference in the compatibility between two Individuals. Understanding the zodiac signs in itself is an gratifying experience as it empowers to align and elevate in life.

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