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Rahu The Phantom of Astrology

Rahu The Phantom of Astrology

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Is it easy to understand the energy of Rahu in your chart?

Rahu is one of the most mysterious of all the nine planets. Although it is considered as a shadow planet its power and impact on our lives is extraordinary. It has the power to take someone to great heights if well  placed in a horoscope. Rahu, the north node of the moon represents  suddenness, illusion, expansion, obsession, fear, confusion, mystery, transformation, challenges, accidents, technology, foreign and deception in astrology.

The Rahu:

It plays a big role in shaping one’s destiny especially in today’s world where society is highly driven by Rahu. The north node of the moon is  highly materialistic in its pursuit and has a misleading energy. 

Placement of Rahu  should be analyzed carefully before making any predictions in astrology. wherever It sits in a horoscope that house will have the energy of suddenness the significance of that house gets spoiled in some way even if It is exalted, there would be some sort of deception  in that area of life.

Understanding the placement of Rahu:

In astrology Lot of weightage has been given to Rahu and its placement in a horoscope. Rahu in different houses will have different energy and different results, It needs to be carefully analyzed as It absorbs the quality of a planet and influences the result of that planet in a dramatic way. Having said that, the best way to deal with the energy of Rahu is not being obsessive or controlled  by the house, its ruling in a horoscope. It will amplify and divert your focus towards the house sign and planet it’s sitting in. One of the best ways to pacify It is by diverting the focus towards ketu and enhancing the energy of ketu in your chart, the south node of the Moon.

Rahu in the Second House:

If someone is born with Rahu in the second house this person will have a lot of unresolved issues in the family. The growth of this person will be hindered by its own family members or relatives. The fights or the family environment will create hindrance in his /her personal growth. lying could be the biggest problem for this person. It will give bad food habits that will eventually affect the health of the native. Rahu here also makes one prone to addiction, as the second house also represents our mouth Rahu in the second house definitely blesses the native with inherited wealth.

So, the moment a person realizes this and diverts its energy towards ketu in the eighth house by practicing occult like astrology or other spiritual practices the growth will be unstoppable .  This realization might come too late and even after realization it  could be hard for this person to grow as the energy of Rahu gives a discomposed state of mind.

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder):

The key to understand and Channelize the energy of Rahu is not to behave in an obsessive manner ,but It makes you obsessive towards its placement.

It is believed to be associated with unexpected and sudden events in the specific area of life where it is placed. When Rahu is found in the seventh house, which governs partnerships, marriage, and significant relationships, individuals may experience a range of sudden events or changes in this aspect of their lives.

It’s kind of traumatizing to an extent to deal with this energy. After dealing and going through these experiences we are able to evolve and explore ketu .Focusing on ketu not only calms down the energy of Rahu it brings solace to the soul.

Key to success:

It keeps us so entangled in worldly or materialistic pursuits it becomes nearly impossible to grow out of it. The key to success lies in the learning to let go and letting go is an art that only few can master or it comes after a lot of hardships .Astrology makes this process of letting go easier, as one develops the understanding and acceptance.

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