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Relation Between Astrology and Freewill

Astrology and Freewill

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We always hear about freewill and destiny in Astrology, It’s a widely misunderstood conception where people are either leaving everything on destiny or not believing in astrology at all in reality Astrology is a  medium that bridges the gap between freewill and destiny. Astrology can guide us in life with a deep analysis of a birth chart, and we can understand our life path and journey. Planets, Zodiac signs and Nakshatras plays a remarkable role in shaping destiny of a person. The beauty of Astrology lies in the Interpretation of Celestial bodies in a different manner for each person born on this planet Earth, It is quite astonishing to see how same planets with same placements can give different results. 

Astrology in Lal Kitab:

In Lal Kitab it is mentioned that houses 1, 4, 7, & 10 are called “band mutthi ke khanne” which means Planets placed in these houses are going to give very prominent results in life. It is hard to modify the effects of these houses, whereas other house results can be enhanced or reduced by performing certain remedies of Astrology. 


It is a free will of a person if he/she wants to perform remedies suggested by an Astrologer to enhance the results of a powerful planet or reduce the power of a malefic planet. Remedies are an integral part of Astrology as it works towards achieving the desired result. The concept of sleeping planets in Lal Kitab is another beautiful way to understand how our actions can activate certain energies and results into ceratin events. Human thoughts are influenced by planetary position in their personal chart , but the decision to take action on those thoughts is completely a free will that all humans are blessed with. 

Destiny does have its role to play in everyone’s life, which can be judged through a horoscope. Two individuals born almost at the same time will have a lot of similar patterns and Yoga’s in the chart that will manifest in life almost at the same time ,but the place ,family atmosphere and upbringing has its own impact in the manifestation of those patterns. Having said that we can understand free will further with an example where two different people have the combination of foreign settlement, and due to the combination and similarity the planets will influence the thought process of both but one may decide not to take any action required for foreign settlement , which is completely a free will of the individual. 

The Role of Astrology:

The powerful role that astrology plays in our lives is totally undeniable as it has the power to transform a person, event or an outcome. It may not cancel the event as whole but can make it endurable. Understanding of this concept can empower many with true wisdom and enrich lives. Astrological remedies performed in a correct manner can be life saver for many. A True Astrologer can guide in a manner without interfering with the laws of the Universe, that can be a transforming experience on its own. 

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