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Ketu the south node of Moon is a planet of separation, detachment, liberation, solitude, conjoining Moon the planet of mind, emotions and mother.Mother is a very challenging combination in terms of balancing one’s spiritual and materialistic aspects of life. The Moon is a very soft and sensitive planet whenever it comes under the influence of a shadow planet it is considered to be afflicted  in astrology. The Moon is eclipsed  and becomes weak giving weak results in the areas represented by the Moon. Having an afflicted moon can affect one’s happiness, mental peace , health and wealth.It is a very tough placement for the mother of the native as well .Ketu also represents spirituality in Astrology and can bless the native with spiritually inclined.

Emotional Roller Coaster and Detachment:

A person born with such placement will have to go through a roller coaster ride in the emotional side of life. It makes the native unable to express emotions and gives a detachment or separation from mother. In certain cases it can denote lack of nurturing from mother due to family circumstances or health issues of mother. The house in which  this conjunction is happening will give results based on the significance of  the house, wherever Ketu  is placed in a chart gives dissatisfaction in that area of life.

Health, Surgeries, and Social Detachment

Ketu also represents surgeries in astrology ,so mother of such native may go through surgeries along with emotional and health issues.

Having this conjunction in ascendent can be very challenging for one’s own health and may come across as a socially  detached personality . Ketu in ascendent gives ego issues and a person born with such a combination lacks vision for life in today’s day and age , as they lack desire for materialistic pursuits of life. 

On the positive side ,  it can be a good for one’s spiritual upliftment and overcoming materialistic desires. Ketu & Moon individuals are very closed off and hard to understand for even people closest to them, as their spiritual growth happens in life they keep transforming through different stages. The transformation and detached behavior can cause rifts in family life.

Struggles in Relationships and Partnerships:

If this combination happens in the seventh house , it will give a lot of struggle in relationships and partnerships.

Remedies for Ketu & Moon:

The only way to harness the energy of Ketu is practicing detachment from the beginning without any hardship and performing action in that area of life with high awareness . Ketu is a headless planet where you take headless decisions and learn through mistakes. Believing in their intuition can be very fruitful for them in life. Healing others is also one  the greatest abilities with such conjunction. Ketu & Moon people can be great psychics or healers. Meditation will also sharpen their psychic abilities. Ganesha is a Deity for planet Ketu , so worshiping Lord Ganesha is a must for such native along with chanting the mantra of Ganesha will help them overcome obstacles and have a focused approach in life.

Taking care of one’s mother or elderly woman will be very beneficial for such native , receiving blessings from them will appease the energy of the Moon . 

Reaching to the great height of spirituality with enlightenment can be easier for people born with such placements. 

Following or practicing occult like Astrology, face reading, tarot  can be a great way to utilize the energy of this combination.

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