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Vastu Remedies for Cancer Care | Vastu Tips for Better Health | Vastu Acharya Manoj Shrivastava

Vastu Remedies For Cancer Care

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In today’s blog site article, we will discuss the concept of Vastu as well as its influence on health and wellness, specifically focusing on cancer cells. Vastu, an ancient Indian building technique, recommends that particular Vastu problems can add to the advancement of cancer cells.

Understanding Cancer as well as Vastu Defects:

Cancer happens when the body’s immune system is not able to combat exterior infections, causing the devastation of competitor cells. Vastu concepts recommend that specific Vastu defects can additionally deteriorate the immune system, making people a lot more at risk to cancer. Let’s discover these defects carefully:

  • Presence of Toilet, Dustbin, or Septic Tank in the North East (NE)

The NE direction regulates health and wellness and immunity, with the NE standing for the brain. According to Vastu, if a bathroom or septic system lies in the NE direction, the body’s resistance is jeopardized, possibly resulting in the advancement of cancer cells. The mind’s ability to send out competitor cells to influenced locations is impeded, further intensifying the trouble.

  • Room in the South-Southwest (SSW) Direction:

Oversleeping a room located in the SSW direction can also add to the advancement of cancer. The SSW zone is connected with disposal, and sleeping regularly in  this location can bring about a lack of body resistance as well as total body weakness, possibly enhancing the danger of cancer cells.

  • T-Hit from the SSW Direction:

In many cases, people may create cancer even without the existence of a toilet or sewage-disposal tank in the NE or NNE direction. This can be associated to a significant Vastu defect recognized as the T-Hit from the SSW instructions. When a roadway strikes your home from half SW as well as fifty percent SSW, it can adversely influence the residents’ health and wellness, potentially causing cancer cells.

  • Entrance from the SSW Direction:

Having an entrance from the SW or SSW direction is an additional Vastu defect that can add to the growth of cancer. The power getting in your home from these directions may disrupt the body’s natural equilibrium, possibly bring about wellness concerns such as cancer cells. Solutions for Vastu Defects:

To alleviate the influence of Vastu issues and possibly improve health outcomes, adhering to vastu principles can help

  • Bathroom in NE or NNE Direction:

Placing green tape around the commode seat can assist counteract the adverse power linked with this Vastu problem if a commode is present in the NE or NNE instructions.

  • Room in SSW Direction:

To deal with the issue of a bed room in the SSW direction, consider moving the bedroom to an extra positive place within the house. This modification can aid restore balance and also promote far better health.

  • T-Hit from SSW Direction:

For houses impacted by the T-Hit from the SSW direction, hanging a Bagua mirror outside the residence can assist combat the adverse impacts. The mirror shows and also redirects the power, reducing its influence on the occupants’ health.

  • Entryway from SW or SSW directions:

Positioning a brass wire at the entry can help minimize the unfavorable energy entering the residence if the entrance to the home is from the SW or SSW instructions. This solution aims to bring back balance as well as promote overall well-being. While It concepts recommend that specific Vastu flaws can contribute to the development of cancer cells, here Vastu Acharya Manoj Shrivastava warns to remember that medical treatment continues to be the primary approach for handling this disease. By attending to Vastu problems as well as producing a harmonious living setting, individuals can strive for a healthier and also well balanced life.

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