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Virgo -The Critic

Virgo -The Critic

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and its element is earth. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and it is also a Mooltrikona sign for mercury. Symbol of Virgo is virgin and rules the sixth house of horoscope. These natives appears younger than their age. It is the most analytical sign of the zodiac. It falls in the sixth house of a horoscope which rules disputes, sickness, loans, enemies, daily routines, pets, work and service.

Virgo positive traits:

People born with moon in Virgo are the perfectionist. They are born with great organizational skills, which makes them great administrators. The logical and analytical skills of a Virgo ruled personality is almost unmatchable as they can see and rule out things in a very unique manner. Virgo natives are patient as they do things in a perfect manner , they usually take responsible roles at home and in professional life. Virgo is an highly intelligent sign that can judge any situation and knows how to deal with it. They are highly practical in their approach in day to day life. They make the best lawyers, auditors, accountant, analyst, and of course best critics.

Virgo negative traits:

One of the most annoying traits of Virgo ruled individuals is the habit of perfection ,which is not easy for other people to cope up with. The habit of perfection also leads to failures in life for them, as they do not take actions because they are lost in planning the perfect way of performing a task . Being critical about their surrounding and almost of everyone and everything makes them loose friends easily. They also lack confidence which they hide behind their over analytical persona. Virgo people are highly judgmental and harsh at times , which makes them dissatisfied and unhappy with lot of things. Stubbornness is another negative trait of this sign because they do not like to listen to someone’s view point or ideas. Overthinking is what keeps a Virgo occupied all the time making them restless and exhausted. They become fussy and nitpicker in everything causing disappointment.

Struggles of a Virgo:

Virgo sign rules the sixth house which makes them prone to sickness and disputes . Their energy is wasted in recovering from illness or overcoming any disputes. They also struggle a lot due to troubles created by enemies and suffers from mental tension.
Venus is considered debilitated in this sign which shows that they also struggle in the matters of relationship due to their critical nature. Sickness and disputes in life reduces their ability to perform their best in different areas. They have fear of letting people down due to their critical nature resulting them to not open up in relationships or friendships.

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A great way to overcome negativity of Virgo is to learn the art of acceptance , once they understand that everyone is born with unique qualities perfection is not the only way to live life. This can actually make them happier and more relaxed resulting in improved relationships and better peace of mind. Acceptance does not mean stop improving , but it opens up the vision of letting others grow at their own pace. Having a over analytical mind and finding faults can be a very disturbing at times, as these natives stop seeing the positive side of anything. They should use their skills to help people overcome from critical situations as they are the best in problem solving . It is also the sign ruling daily routine , so they should develop a daily habit of exercising and meditation which can be really beneficial for their health and personal growth.

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