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Astrology And Spirituality

Astrology And Spirituality

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Astrology and Spirituality works hand in hand ,it is not possible to become an astrologer and not be spiritual , as Astrology is a spiritual science it is impossible for someone to excel in the field without being spiritual. Astrology is a medium to live life in a spiritual way that aligns us with the laws of the Universe. 

Divine Science:

Astrology is a divine science which involves study of the celestial bodies and interprets their results through their movement. It consists of in depth study of the planets with panchang that includes day, thithi, karan, rashi , Yoga . A deeper analysis of Nakshatra can unfold many secrets of life. Vedic Astrology not only provides deeper insight into the life of an individual it can  reduce or enhance the impacts of the planets through remedies. Astrology is a very vast subject which requires dedication, passion and continuous learning along with spiritual practices. 

It has been introduced to mankind by our Rishis and Sages like Bhrigu who have preserved the knowledge to guide people in the right direction. Astrology teaches a way of living and how to overcome the difficulties of life . It helps us to decode the secrets of the cosmos and evolve in life.


Being spiritual is a highly misled term in today’s day and age as one cannot be spiritual and cruel at the same time. Being Spiritual has a lot of different meanings for different people.  For some It is one’s ability to live life with awareness , and for others it is being in complete surrender mode in devotion to the supreme power, and for some it is helping one in need . But for spiritual growth one should possess all these qualities . Spirituality is a state of being ,which can be achieved with higher knowledge of Astrology. Astrology takes one to the realm of hidden secrets or codes of the universe. Understanding the cosmos through Astrology makes one Spiritual and helps in understanding the different dimensions of existence.

Intertwine of Astrology And Spirituality:

For the greater benefit of mankind ,intertwining these two and finding solutions will maximize the results . It will help us to evolve and adapt to our environment impacted by the planets. A true Astrologer will serve humanity with true knowledge and guide in the right direction. In Astrology we can see spiritual growth of a person and also the values and principles of Dharma followed by one. With the help of Astrology one can enhance the power of spiritual activities like, performing Hawan, puja, wedding rituals, and other activities once performed based on the Muhurta gives auspicious results .

Combination For Spirituality:

  • Having 1, 5, and 9 connection in a birth chart is considered to be  great for spirituality as it is the Dharma Trikona of a horoscope
  • Having Ketu in the twelfth house is also considered Mokshakarka.
  • Having benefic in 5th house is also very auspicious for chanting and recitation of Mantras
  • Ascendent lord being benefic and in connection with 9th also makes one highly spiritual.
  • Planets placed in the sign of Leo, Aquarius and Pisces need to be carefully judged to see spiritual inclination of the native.
  • Jupiter should not be in affliction as it is the planet of Dharma.
  • Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter can also make one very rigid in their spiritual beliefs.

There are a lot more combinations to see spiritual growth of an individual  in a horoscope. 

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The word spirit is spiritual , which shows  every human being in this Universe is born with this inner sense of spirituality , but only few enhances or follows the true sense of being.  Following  Astrology evokes  the sense of awareness and living life with awareness is spirituality. Although many people believe that spirituality can take one beyond the influence of stars, Which can be true only for the great Yogi and enlightened beings.

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