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The Power of Retrograde Planets

 Retrograde planet:

A retrograde occurs when a planet is observed moving backward in its motion. Retrograde planets are believed to deliver robust outcomes and exert a potent influence on everyone. It’s merely the way they are perceived from Earth. During retrogression, the planet’s energy becomes notably intense, resulting in powerful outcomes based on its positioning in one’s chart.

Impact of Retrograde planets:

Mercury retrograde:

Mercury goes into retrogradation more frequently than others because of its proximity to the sun. It experiences retrograde motion three to four times a year. Approximately every three to four months, Mercury becomes retrograde for about three weeks. This planet governs communication, travel, and business, and its impact is substantial, given the prevalence of various communication forms in the modern world. During Mercury’s retrograde phase, communication and travel tend to become chaotic. It’s a time to analyze, rethink, and reevaluate the way we express ourselves to the external world. Paperwork can be challenging during this period as errors are likely, necessitating revisions. Travel should be approached cautiously due to potential delays, cancellations, or issues. Like all planets, Mercury’s purpose is to teach us how to navigate communication, travel, business, and daily interactions.

Venus retrograde:

It the planet of beauty,love and relationship turns retrograde every eighteen months for approximately six weeks . Venus retrograde is a testing time for relationships as things may change and take a negative turn resulting in breakups and divorces. During this time a past love interest can also reappear which can cause disturbance in the current relationship. Venus also represents finance and vehicles , so events related to these will be prominent and one needs to be extra careful in the matters of finance. Re alignment of finance, relationship can be noticed during venus retrograde.It teaches us lessons for lifetime and makes us grow in that area of life.

Jupiter retrograde:

Jupiter turns retrograde every year for approximately seventeen weeks. The planet of wisdom, knowledge, and luck going in retrogression means you should pay attention to your own growth. Focusing on self and making sure we follow dharma and understand the higher purpose of life. Theme of meeting a guru that will guide you and uplift you in your journey can be seen in this period ,but overall it is time to grow higher and be optimistic in life.

Saturn retrograde:

Saturn goes retrograde every year for approximately twenty weeks. Things related to your career should be reanalyzed during this time, and you may find yourself accountable for career-related matters. The fulfillment of the purpose of this retrogradation depends on your ability to manage pressure and embrace responsibilities with discipline. However, there might be instances of feeling overwhelmed due to the need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, the likelihood of encountering a strict boss or authoritative figure exists, which could impart lessons that you haven’t assimilated yet.

Mars Retrograde:

Mars, the fiery planet, goes retrograde every two years for around eleven weeks. The planet represents courage, action can make you reevaluate and rethink before reacting to any situation .It also represents land so issues related to property may also arise during this period. It can be a time to focus on your health routine and your personality.

Rejuvenate with Retrogration:

One can use the energy of a Retrograde of planets positively to rejuvenate the aspects of life represented by the planet. Negative results are not always brought by it; instead, it’s a time to focus and be attentive to our thoughts and actions, and to understand life on a deeper level through different aspects.

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