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Moon and Venus Conjunction in Astrology

moon & Venus conjunction in Astrology

Moon: Moon Represents Our Emotions, Mother, Health and Wealth in Astrology. It Has Great Influence on Human Mind Giving Fluctuations in the Thought Process. Moon is a Watery Planet and the Color is Silvery White. Venus: Venus is a Feminine Planet, It is Considered as Goddess of Love, Beauty, Attraction, Pleasure, Semen. It Represents Luxuries […]

Identifying Challenges in life through Sixth House of Horoscope

Identifying Challenges In Life Through Sixth House Of Horoscope

Introduction: Sixth house is a house of diseases, disputes, maternal side of the family, pet, daily routine, enemies, litigations, service, and co-workers. In kalpurush Kundli sixth house is ruled by planet mercury and the zodiac sign is Virgo. It is a house that requires your intellect and ability to grasp things, presence of mind to […]

Virgo -The Critic

Virgo -The Critic

Introduction: Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and its element is earth. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and it is also a Mooltrikona sign for mercury. Symbol of Virgo is virgin and rules the sixth house of horoscope. These natives appears younger than their age. It is the most analytical sign […]

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