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Moon and Venus Conjunction in Astrology

moon & Venus conjunction in Astrology

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Moon Represents Our Emotions, Mother, Health and Wealth in Astrology. It Has Great Influence on Human Mind Giving Fluctuations in the Thought Process. Moon is a Watery Planet and the Color is Silvery White.


Venus is a Feminine Planet, It is Considered as Goddess of Love, Beauty, Attraction, Pleasure, Semen. It Represents Luxuries and All Sorts of Materialistic Comforts in Life. Venus Plays a Big Role in Making Someone Attractive, Magnetic and Appealing to the Opposite Sex. It Rules the South East Direction and Its Color is White.

Moon and Venus:

Moon and Venus Together in a Horoscope Will Make the Native Charming, Attractive and Sensual by Nature Especially When Placed in the Ascendant, Third House, Fifth House and Seventh House. Although the House Placement Will Have Biggest Influence, but the Person Born With Such Combination Will Have These Qualities.

First House:

Moon and Venus in the First House Makes One Really Attractive and Good Looking. The Person Born With This Conjunction Will Be Sensitive in Nature and Fond of Luxury and Comfort. Both the Planets Aspects the Seventh House of Partnership, Which Will Give Very Good Looking Spouse.

Second House:

Having This Conjunction is the Second House of Wealth is Auspicious for the Matter of Finance. Wealth Will Improve After Marriage, Will Receive Support From Family.

Third House:

This Conjunction in the Third Gives Great Communicative Skills. The Native Will Be Very Good in Making Friends and Popular in the Neighborhood and Among Friends. It Gives Emotional Attachment With Siblings.

Fourth House:

This Conjunction in the Fourth House is Very Good for Comforts and Luxuries of Life. It Can Make One Wealthy Through Property and Home Will Be Very Beautifully Decorated of Such an Individual.

Fifth House:

Moon and Venus in the Fifth House Give Lot of Affairs and Enhances the Creativity. It is Good for Attaining Education and Fame May Come Due to One’s Creative Pursuits. These People Are Seen Working in the Entertainment Industry.

Sixth House:

This Conjunction in the Sixth is Troublesome for Health and Relationship Matters. It Will Give Disputes With Partner, Health Challenges of the Spouse Can Also Create Tension and Disturbance in the Relationship.

Seventh House:

It Gives Beautiful and Caring Spouse and the Career of the Native Will Rise After Marriage. This Makes One Very Romantic in Nature and Gives Poetic Talent. Such an Individual Will Have Great Love for Beauty and Music. The Native Will Be Excellent in Public Dealing and Have Charismatic Personality, Which Will Attract the Opposite Sex Very Easily.

Eighth House:

Having This Combination is the Eight House is Not Considered Good for Marital Happiness and Health. The Native May Face Challenges in These Areas and Will Be Interested in Learning Occult.

Ninth House:

Moon and Venus in the Ninth House of Luck Will Make One Rise in Life After Marriage. The Native Will Be Knowledgeable and Learned Personality.

Tenth House:

This Placement Can Make One Shine in the Career and Have Good Name and Fame. It Could Give Career Related to Food Industry, Beauty, Travel, Navy Etc. One Will Be Sensitive About Their Social Status, Would Love to Carry Themselves in a Stylish and Flamboyant Manner.

Eleventh House:

Moon and Venus Gives Good Gains in Eleventh House. The Native Will Be Receive Gains Through Mother, Spouse and Property. It Also Makes One Popular Among Opposite Sex and Have More Connections With Them.

Twelfth House:

Having This Combination in the Twelfth Makes One Spend Excessively on Luxury, Travel and Comfort. They Will Splurge Out Money on Property and Vehicles. Fluctuations in Health and Emotions Will Be There.


Any Combination in a Horoscope is There to Deliver Some Different Results. It is the Energy of the Planets That One Should Understand and Align. Moon and Venus Surely Makes One Emotionally Demanding and Vulnerable Irrespective of Its Placement. This Conjunction Also Makes One Strive for Material Success in Life. Native With This Placement Will Have Natural Charm and Magnetic Personality. One Can Be Highly Intelligent if It is Not Afflicted in Any Way. This is Considered Good for Wealth as Well, and One Would Be Sensual in Nature. They Carry a Great Sense of Warmth, Care and Positivity Which Makes Them Quite Popular and Easy to Get Along With. The Sense of Pleasure is Also Dependent on Emotional Feelings, Which Makes Them Highly Sensitive in the Matters of Love and Relationship.

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