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Identifying Challenges in life through Sixth House of Horoscope

Identifying Challenges In Life Through Sixth House Of Horoscope

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Sixth house is a house of diseases, disputes, maternal side of the family, pet, daily routine, enemies, litigations, service, and co-workers. In kalpurush Kundli sixth house is ruled by planet mercury and the zodiac sign is Virgo. It is a house that requires your intellect and ability to grasp things, presence of mind to win over enemies or competitions.
It is one of the important houses as it represents our daily routine, it can be challenging if sixth house has weak planets. As the strength required to deal with everyday challenges can be dealt better with harsh planets. It will have direct link to our health and well-being.

Planets in the Sixth house:

Sun in the Sixth house:

It will make one short tempered and fiery in nature. Sun in sixth house people will struggle to work under someone. The native with sun in the sixth will have great courage and fighting ability. It will shed light in the areas that will help the native to win over in litigation or competition. Sun in the sixth definitely gives arguments with father. The health of the father may not be good with sun in the sixth. Native born with such always struggles with headache or migraines throughout life.

Moon in the Sixth house:

Soft planet like moon are not considered good in the sixth house , as it makes one emotional and gives health issues to mother and self. Moon in the sixth makes one lose money on health issues. It is not a great placement in terms of mental peace and there will be restlessness in the daily routine of the native.

Jupiter in the Sixth house:

It is in sixth is not great for health of the father, but it gives divine help in the event of crisis. Jupiter in the sixth makes one learned personality and work in the field of teaching, counseling. It can also give disputes or misunderstanding with father.
Mars in the sixth house- mars in the sixth house can make one do really well in competitions and gives the necessary courage to win over enemies. The person with mars in the sixth will be aggressive and active in daily life. This placement makes one get into unnecessary fights and disputes.

Venus in the Sixth house:

Venus is a debilitated position and gives issues in the relationship with partner. Partner of such individual is also of argumentative by nature. Lack of harmony and disputes will be the reason of marital discord. As it is the house of disease, sickness to partner can also be predicted. Venus in sixth gives frequent accidents or disturbance in vehicle. Loss of wealth due to enemies or disputes can also be seen with Venus in the sixth house. Vehicle related troubles will also be there in the life of the native with Venus in the sixth.

Mercury in the Sixth house:

Mercury is a great placement as it is own house of mercury. The wittiness, intelligence and quick adaptability to any circumstance makes one rise in life with this placement of mercury.

Saturn in the Sixth house:

Saturn in the sixth house gives mixed results making the native discipline and dedication. Although the individual with such placement may overwork to accomplish their goals in life. Saturn in the sixth can also make one lazy and prone to sickness. Maternal side of the native will also have property related challenges or disputes.

Rahu in the Sixth house:

Rahu in the sixth is a great placement for everyday life. The native with such placement rises in career through their clever and street smart attitude. This also gives enormous courage to fight diseases and enemies. Native with such placement can also take big loan and work in foreign.

Ketu in the Sixth house:

It is not good for the maternal side of the family and also gives health issues to the native, native will be prone to asthma and difficulty in speech. One should never hurt a dog to avoid losses and sickness. The native with ketu in the sixth behaves detached with people in general. They should always keep a pet dog and serve with love and respect.

Learning through Challenges:

In Vedic astrology every planet and sign placed in our horoscope are meant to teach us some lessons in life. One should be grateful for everything in life and understand the lesson that a planet is assigned to teach us. In a spiritual way, a planet only give negative results until we are not aligned with the energy of that planet. Challenges are meant to uplift us on a spiritual level, and become a better version of ourselves.

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