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Power of Gemstones in Astrology

Power Of Gemstones In Astrology

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Gemstones have been an integral part of Astrology. Almost every astrologer advises some stone to balance or enhance the energy of a particular planet in one’s horoscope. Gemstones are not only used as an ornaments they carry a particular energy that can help one in overcoming troubles and attract more prosperity in life. 

There has been lot of confusions around the power of Gemstones in spite of its popularity among the followers of Astrology. Different Gemstones represents different planets and their weight, quality, clarity and origin plays a big role in the final pricing. The recommendation of wearing Gemstones includes the specification of left or right hand as left hand is lunar and right is solar. A gemstone should be worn as per advice of the astrologer, it should be worn on particular day on a particular finger after performing certain rituals to energize the Gemstone.

Types of Gemstones and their Impact:


One of the most commonly used gemstones that represents Sun and its red or pinkish in color, similar to the color of Rose. Ruby is associated with planet Sun so, one should wear it on Sunday during the daytime and in gold. Wearing this stone brings name and fame along with prosperity and vitality. It improves one’s ability to make decisions, and boosts self-confidence. Ruby also increases the social connections with powerful people. Ruby helps one fight diseases like migraine, sun stroke, high or low blood pressure, eye or heart related troubles.


Pearl is associated with the planet Moon. It is supposed to bring balance in ones thought, health and emotions. Pearl white and cream with yellowish tone to its color. It is often advised to children with health and anger issues to bring calmness in their personality. It should be worn on Monday in silver after energizing in the evening time. Pearl brings emotional balance, good fortune and increases memory. It also helps in health issues related to cold and cough, paralysis, asthma, and cancer. It should be worn in little finger of left hand.


Coral is associated with planet Mars. It is found in red color and should be worn in gold and copper on Tuesday after sunrise. Coral can enhance the quality of courage, power and stamina. It is also recommended for matters related to property and to enhance the job prospects. It prevents one from the danger of accidents, burns, cuts, diseases related to blood. One should wear it on the ring finger of right hand.


Emerald is one of the finest  and expensive gemstones. It is connected to the planet Mercury and the color is green. This stone  is advisable to be worn on Wednesday after sunrise on the little finger of the right hand. Emerald brings success in business, improves intelligence, communication skills, clarity in thoughts are few of the positive impact of wearing Emerald. Along with enhanced communication Emerald  also has many health benefits like healing mental tensions, throat related diseases, kidney stones or any skin issues.

Yellow Sapphire:

This has direct connection with luck as it is the stone for planet Jupiter that rules our luck in life. As the name suggests it is yellow in color with quite v a few variances. Wearing yellow sapphire bestows one with overall luck and prosperity with happiness and success. Yellow sapphire helps in diseases like jaundice, liver related issues, tumors and obesity. One should wear it on Thursday after sunrise in yellow gold in the index finger of right hand.


It is one of the most beautiful and popular stones for its beauty and elegance. Diamond is known for its  balancing properties and enhancement in  the energy of planet Venus. It doesn’t have much side effects so anybody can wear it, but wearing it on Friday is recommended to be more beneficial. It helps one overcome relationship challenges, increases results of good health and financial success. Diamond should be properly checked for any black spot or crack for its purity.

Blue Sapphire:

It is not easily recommended to anyone as it is the stone for planet Saturn. Blue sapphire comes in royal blue color.  It is famous for its power of making rags to riches. It can bring a great amount of success, name and fame with overall growth in life. Blue sapphire can help one overcome any psychological problems, fever and stomach related health issues. Blue sapphire should be worn  on Saturday in the middle finger of the right hand.


It is used for planet Rahu it boost clarity and concentration. Hessonite  comes in the different shades of orange . It helps one in professional success and win over competition. Hessonite also brings financial stability. There is many health benefits of Hessonite like better mental health, hemorrhoids, lethargy and fatigue. One should wear it on Saturday in silver after performing necessary rituals.

 Cats Eye:

It is recommended  for the planet Ketu to bring positivity and enhanced sense of spirituality. Cats Eye comes in few variations but the one that has mixture of golden and green hues is considered really good in quality. It also increases one intuitive powers and brings good luck. Wearing this gemstone improves health issues like depression, cancer, eye related troubles. One should wear it in the middle finger of the right hand on Thursday in the evening.

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Different Gemstones carries different healing properties. An expert advice should be taken before wearing any stone. Stones can also affect one adversely if not advised properly. Karma plays bigger role than anything else, so one should balance their karma and not rely on Gemstones alone to fix things. Clarity and quality of gemstones should  be carefully checked as there is many lab created are also available in the market. .Energizing of gemstones with incense and chanting of mantra related to the planet is a ritual that should be performed in a proper manner. Gemstones are precious gift to human beings from mother earth , so they  should be used to empower lives.

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