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Rudraksha – a boon for Mankind


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Rudraksha – as explained by our sages – it was produced from the eyes of Rudra (lord shiva). Its described in Upanishads that during the time of destruction and after the act of destruction, when Rudra closed his eye, drops of water fell on the earth and these drops turned into rudrakshas. All legends pertaining to the origin of rudraksha describe them as the tears shed by shiva for the benefit of humanity. It is said that by the mere utterance of the name of ‘rudraksha’, one acquires the benefit of giving ten cows in charity. By seeing and touching it, one attains double that benefit. Traditionally sages and sadhus used it to attain a state of perfect physical and mental health. 

Rudraksha is known to decrease the ill effect of any planet and stabilizes the life. It keeps blood pressure under control and impart mental peace, self-confidence, matrimonial harmony, prosperity, meditation, spiritual progress and a higher level of consciousness. A rudraksha bead is categorized primarily by the number of its “faces” or mukhi edges face partitions, that range from 1 to 21, but some out of it are rarely available.  

So, let’s go through various mukhi rudrakshas and the benefits:


This Rudraksha controls all the planets and its rarely found

  • It will help in getting clarity of mind, fulfil desires and helps in getting peace of mind. 
  • It also helps to cure heart problems, blood pressure, migraine, anxiety, depression, neuro disorders, night blindness, respiratory issues etc. 
  • It helps in increasing concentration, memory and controls the senses. 
  • It has the energy of lord shiva, it may control untimely death also.


  • It represents Ardhnarishwara, the combined form of Lord Shiva and Parvati and thus can win the blessings of both Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati at once. The ruling planet is moon.  
  • This rudraksha can help singles find their soulmate soon. 
  • Wearers can get rid of diseases like bladder diseases, memory loss, respiratory issues, heart diseases, liver and breast problems. Its very good for pregnant females.  
  • It improves relationship in a family and therefore good for emotional stability. 
  • Anyone having Rahu/Ketu mars in 4th house or malefic moon, usually are not able to enjoy happiness in life, which can be gained by this do mukhi rudraksha.


  • The three mukhi rudraksha symbolizes the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The ruling planet is Agni and the ruling planet is mars. By wearing this, the persons can escape the malefic effects of sun and mars. 
  • Those suffering from low esteem, mental strain and fears can wear this and get rid of these troubles. The wearer feels energized and comes out of laziness.  
  • It promotes success and solves problems of life. One will get solutions for land related issues. 
  • It cures the diseases related to women. Diseases of the blood, cancer and accidents can be avoided by wearing it.
  • It leads to spiritual growth. 


  • It is a popular choice for many devotees. The ruling deity of this rudraksha s lord brahma and the ruling planet is mercury.
  • The rudraksha symbolises the four Vedas. Wearing this rudraksha increases the intelligence and also gets the blessings of Maa Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. 
  • The devotee gets the power of speech and creativity. Memory loss, epilepsy, paralysis, mental problems and stress related ailments are removed by wearing this. 
  • Students, teachers and those involved in mind related professions will find this rudraksha highly useful as it promotes logical thinking and remedies the malefic effects of mercury and Jupiter. 


  • It is the most common choice and widely available variety among the rudrakshas.
  • It symbolises the five elements namely the sky, air, fire, water and earth. The ruling deity of this rudraksha is kalagni rudra and the ruling planet is Jupiter.  
  • This bead can prevent all diseases and cure some dreaded problems like acidity, flatulence, fistula, breast problems and blood pressure.  
  • This rudraksha can assist those who wish to meditate and grow spiritually. 
  • Poverty, lack of harmony ad afflictions of Jupiter are cured by this rudraksha. 


  • The ruling deity of six mukhi rudraksha is lord Kartikeya, the son of lord shiva.
  • The ruling planet is Venus. The wearer gets the blessings of maa Parvati, Maa Lakshmi and maa Saraswati. 
  • This bead keeps the anger, jealousy and mental excitement of the wearers under control.
  • It enhances the vital aspects of the body and removes all diseases. Especially it is useful to cure stammering problems. 
  • Diseases of the sexual organs, mouth, urinary problems, cancer, kidney failure, indigestion, throat ailments, arthritis, eye problems, nervous diseases and afflictions due to mars and Venus are cured by this bead.  
  • This bead will be helpful for teachers, students, scientists and speakers.


  • This is a highly auspicious one. The ruling deity is Mahalakshmi and the ruling planet is Saturn.
  • The seven mukhi rudraksha symbolises the seven sacred rivers. 
  • The wearer are blessed with good health and wealth.
  • The wearers are saved from all kinds of poisoning.  
  • It can help subdue the enemies and win over the court cases and disputes.
  • The miseries felt by the people over a long time are cured within days of wearing it and the wearer invites good luck in life. 
  • It improves sexual energy and cures all sex related ailments in addition to heart problems, stomach diseases and the malefic effects of Saturn. 


  • It is a highly lucky one for all the people.
  • The ruling deity is lord Ganesh and the ruling planet is  Rahu.
  • This rudraksha symbolises the eight directions and also eight types of siddhis or spiritual powers.  
  • This rudraksha promotes analytical thinking and sharpens intelligence.
  • It bestows the wearer with prosperity, name, fame. Leadership qualities, artistic abilities and control over senses and mind.
  • It removes obstacles and paves the path to success and fulfilment.  
  • The diseases of the nervous system, gall bladder, prostate gland and respiratory troubles are cured by this rudraksha.
  • Those suffering the malefic effects of Saturn and Rahu can wear this to find a sure remedy. 


  • This is among the rare beads. The ruling deity of this rudraksha is mother Durga.
  • The ruling planet is Ketu. The nine mukhi rudraksha symbolizes nav Durga namely shailputri, brahmacharini, Chandra ghanta, Kush Manda, skand mata, Kathyayini, kalratri, mahagauri and sidhidhatri.
  • It also gives the benefits of pleasing all the nine planets of the horoscope. 
  • The wearer is freed from stress and protected from untimely death.
  • It makes the candidate fearless, confident and courageous to face all the odds of life easily and emerge victoriously. 
  • This bead cures the diseases of the brain, sexual organs, pituitary gland and eyes.
  • It promotes reproductive health and prevents abortions.  
  • The wearers are freed from the afflictions of rahu and ketu. 


  • It is a special one and is ruled by lord Lakshmi Narayan.
  • It symbolizes all ten avatars of lord Vishnu. 
  • This bead helps eliminate the negative impacts of all the nine planets. 
  • The subjects wearing it are protected from the effects of black magic, untimely death, accidents and evil eye.
  • It removes the fear of ghosts and enemies and guards the wearers like a divine shield from all troubles. 
  • One can win all the court cases and disputes in own’s favour.
  • The rudraksha blesses the wearer with a child and cures insomnia, restlessness and hypertension. 


  • It is a special one of spiritual aspirants.
  • The ruling deity is hanuman.
  • The rudraksha symbolizes the eleven Rudra’s or manifestations of lord shiva.  
  • This is the perfect choice for conquering your enemies and also to enjoy a sound physical and mental health.
  • One can excel in speech and develop great business, negotiation and intellectual skills.  
  • It promotes the longevity of life and gives victory in everything. 
  • The diseases cured by this bead include blood pressure, heart ailments and diabetes.
  • This bead can enhance concentration and meditative powers. It remedies the afflictions caused by all the planets 


  • This one has some amazing characteristics.
  • The ruler of this bead is sun god and this bead represents twelve Aditya’s or the manifestations of sun.  
  • This rare bead gives brilliance, lustre and radiance to the wearers.
  • The subject attains the qualities of leadership, wealth and happiness.  
  • Twelve mukhi rudraksha removes fears and enhances health by remedying physical as well as mental pins and troubles.
  • This bead is also used to curing Vaastu problems and the effects of black magic. 
  • Diseases of the blood vessels, heart, eye, skin problems, night blindness and urinary stones are cured by this rudraksha in addition to the malefic effects of sun.  
  • This is the ideal bead to be worn by politicians., administrators and leaders.  

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