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Eighth lord and Your Transformational Journey

Eighth lord and Your Transformational Journey

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Eighth house is a mysterious and dark house, representing our challenges, longevity, inheritance, family of the spouse, long term diseases, sudden events, accidents , hidden secrets, occult .The role of eighth lord is very important, as it has the power to transform ones thought process, physical strength, and emotional wellbeing. The zodiac sign that rules the eighth house in Vedic Astrology is Scorpio in the kaal Purush kundali and Mars is the ruler.

Eighth Lord In the First House:

If the eighth house occupies ascendant , it is not considered good for longevity. The native will suffer lot of sudden events even death like situations. The health of the native may also suffer, but the native will have great researching abilities.

Eighth Lord In the Second House:

Eighth lord in second house gives challenges in the finances. There will be lots of ups and down, and has high chances of losing wealth.

Eighth Lord In the Third House:

Whenever eighth lord occupies third house, it shows loss of courage. It may also devoid the native of happiness from siblings. The siblings of the native will go through lot of challenges and obstacles in life.

Eighth Lord In the Fourth House:

Having eighth lord in fourth house is not considered good for mother. The native may not get desired happiness from mother due to health reasons. Eighth house in the fourth also shows loss of property and other conveyances. Lack of mental peace and stability will also be there with such placement.

Eighth Lord In the Fifth House:

Eighth lord in the fifth house gives issues related to children and education. It can also show one has to go through sufferings and mental agony due to child related matters. Fifth house in a horoscope also represents love and romance, so pain or heartbreak can also be seen with this placement.

Eighth Lord In the Sixth House:

It is a good placement to win over enemies but it’s not good for the maternal side of the family. This also indicates disputes related to inheritance.

Eighth Lord In the Seventh House:

Eighth lord in the seventh is a very transformational placement, as it is the house of marriage and partnership. This can show the native will have to go through emotional pain and suffering in the matters of relationship. It is not great for happiness connected to the seventh house matters.

Eighth Lord In the Eighth House:

Having eighth lord in the eighth is an excellent placements for success in the field of occult and research. The native will have extraordinary ability to deal with sudden events. This placement can make one a great astrologer or a healer.

Eighth Lord In the Ninth House:

Ninth house represents our father, guru and spirituality, having eighth house in the ninth is not good for the happiness from father. It can make one interested in learning of eighth house matters. This also creates high chances of finding a Guru to learn occult and spirituality.

Eighth Lord In the Tenth House:

Anytime eighth house  occupies tenth house, it can show lot of challenges in the career of the native. This placement of eighth house can show one will rise in career after the death of someone close. The career could also involve dealing with the eighth house matters.

Eighth Lord In the Eleventh House:

Eighth lord in the eleventh will definitely make one face troubles in the matters of gains and connections. The happiness from elder sibling can also be missing. It is definitely not good for wealth, unless eighth house is creating yoga for wealth. If not afflicted can give gains of sudden nature like from inheritance, insurance or occult.

Eighth Lord In the Twelfth House:

Twelfth house represents our investments, matters related to foreign and secret enemies. Having eighth House in twelfth shows loss in investments or in foreign travels.


The transformations that happens due to the events related to eighth house are not the easy to handle. The pain and suffering one goes through can take a big toll on overall happiness of an individual. As it is the house of death and long term diseases, it makes the native experience death like situation. It is only after this transformation, one can go higher and understand the ninth house of spirituality.

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