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Karka Sankranti Festivities across India: Diverse Celebrations

Karka Sankranti Festivities across India: Diverse Celebrations

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Karka Sankranti; also known as the Sankranti of Savan Mahina, is an auspicious day. Karka sankranthi is a Hindu Festival and is said to hold utmost importance among all the sankrantis. On this day, the sun travels into Cancer, which is known as the karka rashi. This day signifies the beginning of the Sun God’s journey southwards, which is referred to as Dakhshinayana.

The Dakshinayana period lasts for 6 months and it ends on Makar Sankranthi. This day is often also known as Dev Shayani Ekadashi. During this time, it is believed that the Gods rest. People usually keep fasts and do other religious activities to please and worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings for a life full of joy and prosperity.

Sankranti information– It is said that donating food and other goods wholeheartedly to the poor and needy can be very beneficial for you on the day of the Sankranti festival as the lord will be pleased to see that you are helping those in need. Worshiping Lord Vishnu with complete devotion can be very rewarding as the lord will be happy and shower his blessings upon you.

Sankranti this month will be recognized on Tuesday- July 16, 2024. Along with the religious beliefs, this day also marks an onset to the season of monsoon; encouraging various activities during the July festival. 

What is sankranti karka? – 2024 Karka Sankranti

The karka sankranti is an occasion that marks the start of Dakshinayana. It is of six months and it is believed that the gods rest during this time of the July festival. On the auspicious day of Karka Sankranti, it is believed that the Sun God travels from the Mithun rashi (Gemini zodiac sign) to move to the Karka rashi (Cancer Zodiac sign). The sankranti information for this year (2024) says that it will be celebrated on Tuesday, July 16th.

It marks the beginning of the monsoon season which calls out for a lot of agricultural activities. The Sankranti festival brings a lot of joy and harmony in the hearts of devotees. People worship Lord Vishnu by performing religious acts with devotion on this Hindu Festival; like acts of charity and holy dips in Holy River, in order to seek blessings from him for a blissful and content life.

Karka Sankranti

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Karka Sankranti- rituals and timing

This Hindu festival is celebrated by a large number of Hindus. It is said to be of great importance and people perform various rituals on this special occasion of Sankranthi:

Holy dips– People cleanse themselves by bathing in the Holy River. It is said to cleanse the body as well as purify the soul. You must not do any unrighteous thing on this auspicious day or while performing these rituals. They must be performed with utmost belief and devotion.

What is sankranti karka? What do people do on Sankranthi? You should chant mantras and worship Lord Vishnu; practice acts of services like helping the poor or giving food to the needy people on this July festival. You can also make offerings to the lord in the form of fruits as well as flowers. Along with worshipping and pleasing Lord Vishnu, you can also perform Surya puja.

However, taking up or starting any new business is avoided during sankranti as it is said that the Sun God travels across to the Cancer zodiac sign (Karka); so it might be non-profitable or less prosperous to do so. Hence, it is advised to keep it down during the time of Dakshinayana as the gods are said to be at rest during Karka sankranti days.

Karka Sankranti


Conclusion of Karka Sankranti

Karka sankranti festivities are celebrated with great joy among Hindus. People make offerings to the lord and do acts of charities so that the lord will shine the light of success upon them. The sankranti date 2024 will be July 16th, which will fall on a Tuesday.

Devotees also perform fasts and sing devotional songs like the Sahasranama to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. May this Karka Sankranti bring a lot of peace and harmony in your life. You can consult Acharya Ganesh for your doubts regarding your horoscope during the sankranti festival.

FAQs for Karka Sankranti

1.Is karka Sankranti auspicious?

About sankranti festival:                                                                                                                                       

Sankranti date 2024– Karka Sanskranthi 2024 will be observed on the 16th of July, which falls on a Tuesday. It is an auspicious day on which you can perform rituals like holy dips in Holy River. You can also give charity and help the needy during this time as it will be very beneficial for you. You can worship Lord Vishnu by making offerings to him as well as you can help the poor and the needy as much as you can and it will provide you benefits.

2.What do you do on karka Sankranti?

Sankranti festival– People perform rituals like holy bath as well as charity. They worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings for a prosperous and blissful life. It is said that performing surya pooja on the occasion of sankranti this month (July) can give you benefits for your future life. You can worship the lord by making offerings such as fruits or flowers to him and help those in need.

3.कारक संक्रांति क्या है? (What is sankranti karka)

About Sankranti festival: कर्क संक्रांति, जो की सावन महीने की संक्रांति भी मानी जाती है; यह दिन सूर्य पूजा के लिए काफी शुभ माना जाता है। कहा जाता है की इस दिन का महत्व यह है की इस दिन सूर्य मिथुन (Mithun- Gemini) राशि से निकलता है और कर्क (Karka rashiCancer) राशि में प्रवेश करता है।  ज्योतिष विद्या (Astrology) में सूर्य की दशा बहुत मायने रखती है क्यूंकि सूर्य का कुंडली के एक घर से निकल दुसरे घर में प्रवेश करना यह तय करता है की व्यक्ति का आने वाला समय उसके लिए शुभ और लाभकारी होता है या नहीं

4.जुलाई महीने की संक्रांति कब की है?

Sankranti information: जुलाई महीने की संक्रांति (sankranti date 2024) 16 जुलाई 2024 (मंगलवार) को है। यह मान्यता है की इस दिन सूर्य का मिथुन राशि (Gemini rashi) से निकल कर कर्क राशि (Karka rashi) में प्रवेश होता है।

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