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Vastu Tips For Married Life-Marriage is a companionship between two individuals that is meant to bring happiness, prosperity and growth. But in todays day and age it has become one of the most fragile of all relationships. Vastu is a divine and ancient science that influences our lives on all level including relationship. Vastu can help improve overall understanding, intimacy in a married life . 

Entrance Of a House- Entrance of a house is the most important as it sets the direction of energy entering in the house. One should enhance the positive energy at the entrance, by keeping it clean and having a nice fragrance along with proper lighting.

Kitchen The Annapurna- Kitchen holds a great significance in Vastu, as it is the place that represents the fire element . When kitchen is placed in the south east direction, it is aligned with the energy of that direction and promotes better health and wealth .

Master Bedroom- Master bedroom should be in the southwest direction for harmonious relationship between married couple.

Power of Colors- Colors plays a very important role in Vastu, as it has great visibility and impacts our mood and emotions . Colors should be aligned according to the direction like blue in the north enhances growth and abundance.

Pictures – Having photographs of our loved ones in the house promotes feeling of togetherness and support.

Plants – Plants in the house brings us closer to the nature. Having plants in the northeast and southeast direction are really good for positivity. Money and bamboo plants are especially used in Vastu tips to  promote growth and prosperity . 

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