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Shravan Month 2024: Date, importance and Puja Vidhi

Shravan Month 2024: Date, importance and Puja Vidhi

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The month of Shravan; also called Savan month or the Shravan Mahina, is said to be the holiest month of the year in the Hindu calendar. It is known to be the month of Lord Shiva, and is the fifth month in the Hindu panchang.

According to the English calendar, when Shravan month starts, it lasts usually from the month of July to August during the monsoon season.

Shravan month 2024: This blog will shine light on the Sharvan date, importance as well as the Puja vidhi for this month. You will know about the Sawan start date 2024 and Sawan end Date 2024.

Shravan month 2024: knowing about the Sharvan date

The Shravan month or the Sawan mahina starts somewhere during the monsoon season and it comes between the months of July and August. Let us look into the Shravan month 2024 date as well as the Shravan ending date for this year.

Sawan start 2024– According to the calendar, the Sawan start date 2024 will be 22nd July, which falls on Monday. This year, the month of Sawan will have 5 Mondays:

  •     July 22
  •     July 29
  •     August 5
  •     August 12
  •     August 19

You can perform your Shravan Monday fasts and other religious rituals on these days during the Savaan month.

Shravan ending dateSawan end date 2024 will be August 19.

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Shravan month 2024: Significance of this day

Following the month of Ashadh according to the Hindu calendar, Sawan or Shravan Mahina is the fifth month of the year. It usually comes between the month of July and August during the season of monsoon. 

The month of Shravan is said to be the most sacred month according to the Hindu beliefs. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva on the occasion of the union of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.

Sawan start 2024 This year, the sawan start date 2024 will be- July 22nd, Monday. This month is said to be the holiest month and it is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva will bring prosperity and blissfulness in one’s life.

There is a legend or a belief that Sati, who was the daughter of Daksh, sacrificed her life for Lord Shiva. She was reincarnated as Parvati, the daughter of the Himalaya king. She was drawn to Lord Shiva from a young age and started worshiping and pleasing him with her offerings. 

She used to carry out penance for Lord Shiva during every Savaan month. Lord Shiva was pleased because of Parvati’s dedication and love towards him, so he granted Maa Parvati her wish of marrying him. 

It is said that Lord Shiva is very happy in the month of Shravan because it reminds him that he was able to reunite with his bride during this time. It is said that he showers his blessings on those who worship him and fills their life with prosperity.

Devotees perform rituals, do Somvar vrat and pray to Lord Shiva in order to seek blessings from him. The devotees show their respect and enthusiasm by performing various rituals like chanting mantras, offering fruits or flowers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati when Shravan month starts; and also by performing Monday fasts. 

This month is said to hold a great significance in the Hindu culture because it is believed that Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati got married on the thirteenth day of the savaan month. Hence, it is considered that during this month, worshiping Lord Shiva wholeheartedly brings peace and harmony in a person’s life.

Shravan month 2024: Puja Vidhi

The ritual of Shiv Puja is very common among people on Shravan Monday. People perform activities like Rudrabhishekh, chanting mantras and Monday fasts during the month of Sawan. This year, the date of Savaan month (Sawan start 2024) will be 22nd July. Let us have a closer look on how these rituals are performed. People wake up early in the morning and cleanse themselves by having a bath. 

They then either go to the temple or worship Lord Shiva at home by praying to him and singing devotional songs for him.

At the temple, people perform Rudrabhishekh, which refers to bathing the Shiva Ling with items like holy water, honey, curd as well as milk to please Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.

Shravan Monday Fasting- During the month of Sawan (Shravan Mahina), people do Monday fasting as a ritual to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. 

People eat Satvik bhojan. During the Shravan vrat, you are allowed to eat milk and other milk products along with fruits and some vegetables such as Lauki, Arbi, Sweet potato and Potato. However, consuming salt should be avoided till sawan end date if you are fasting.

Chanting mantras- Devotees chant mantras to worship Lord Shiva. These mantras are:-

  •         Har Har Mahadev
  •         Om Namah Shivaay
  •         Mahamrityunjay Mantra

Apart from these rituals, people also make offerings to Lord Shiva to please him when Shravan month starts. Items such as flowers and fruits, as well as Bel Patr are offered to Lord Shiva by devotees as a means to please the lord and seek blessings for themselves and their families.

Conclusion- Shravan month 2024

The Sharvan date is from 22nd July 2024 (Shravan month 2024) to 19th August 2024 (Shravan month 2024). You can perform the rituals described above during this monsoon for the Shrawan month 2024 and seek blessings of the lord. 

You can perform Shiv puja at your home as well as at the temple by making a sacred place at your house to keep your surroundings pure and positive. May this Savaan month bring a lot of happiness and prosperity in your life!

FAQs for Shravan Month 2024

1.When will it start in 2024?

July 22- Savaan month will be starting on July 22nd, 2024. This year the Shravan mahina will be having five Mondays-

  •     July 22 (Sawan start 2024)
  •     July 29
  •     August 5
  •     August 12
  •     August 19

2.When will sawan end 2024?

Shravan month 2024– The Shravan ending date is August 19, 2024, which will be the last Monday of the Savaan month 2024.

3.Why is sawan celebrated?

Shravan month 2024– The month of Shravan, also known as Savaan month is considered a holy month in the Hindu Calender. It is a month dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that worshiping him during this month brings blessings and prosperity in one’s life.

4.Why did Sawan Shivratri celebrate?

Sharvan date– On the 13th day from when Shravan month starts, Sawan Shivratri is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of marriage of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. It is a day celebrated for their union and devotees worship Lord shiva and Goddess Parvati.

5.What to eat in Sawan Somwar fast?

During your Sawan Somwar vrat, you can have milk and other dairy products like yogurt, ghee, cheese or paneer. Consuming salt is not allowed on Shravan Monday fast. You can also eat vegetables such as sweet potato, Arbi, Lauki and Potato during Sawan (Shravan month 2024).

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