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Vividness of Moon in the Seventh House

Vividness Of Moon In The Seventh House

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Moon in Seventh house of a horoscope plays a significant role in shaping ones personality as it represents public dealings, relationships, spouse, business partnerships, sexual pleasure and contracts. It is directly opposite to the ascendant and the natural ruler is planet Venus that also signifies love and relationships. The zodiac sign ruling this house is libra that signifies balance. Planet moon represents our emotions, mother, mental peace, compassion, home, happiness, health and wealth.

Brightness of moon in  seventh house:

When the soft planet like moon occupies this house it makes the individual highly emotional in their day to day dealings. It shows the ability of a person to connect on emotional level, this placement of moon makes one kind and nurturing by nature. Moon also represents mother, so these individual are very attached to their mother and shares a good relationship and understanding. Native’s born with moon in the seventh are very sensitive to the emotions of other people. They have the ability to juggle different things and is great in handling situations with their presence of mind. Moon in seventh makes one highly intuitive and they are able to feel their surroundings and vibes of people. These individual are highly focused on the matters of relationship and they are born with natural ability to understand and connect with people. Moon in the seventh native will possess a good and charming personality as moon is aspecting the lagna from this placement. They are very romantic and enjoys connecting with people, highly interested in music, poetry and writing,

It  find peace in love and relationship, and usually gets good looking and caring spouse. They carry a charming persona that makes them quite popular among their circle. People get allured by them for their natural beauty and magnetism.
They receive lot of unnecessary attention from opposite sex, but due to their emotional nature they still maintain loyalty with their spouse. Having a good romantic relationship is must for their peace of mind and happiness. Moon in seventh this placement makes one rich and wealthy after marriage. This is also great for foreign travel and income.

Negative effects of moon in  seventh house:

Moon in Seventh house has its flaws as it makes the person emotionally vulnerable at times. They make wrong emotional decisions that makes them suffer in their business and love matters. People can actually impact them negatively as they can be emotionally weak if moon has negative influence. Moon here makes one very attached to their life partners and they may not get the same reciprocation of their feelings in return. Just like the waning and waxing phases of moon they have lot of fluctuation in their relationship. Moon here makes the native indulge in sexual activities more often than the other people. These individuals hate being alone as they require company of other person every time to satisfy their emotional needs. They are overly sensitive of how people treat them, they take things to their heart because they do things with their heart, which leads to emotional breakdown and turmoil’s.

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Illuminate and shine:

These individuals need to keep a proper distance from other people for their emotional well-being. Should avoid taking emotional decisions in business for financial security. Trusting people is something they need to be very careful of. Utilising the energy of moon in their creative ability and in helping mankind can be really uplifting for their own soul. They should learn how to protect their aura and not to be hyper sensitive to the opinion of other people. One of the things they should practice is not to be dependent on others for their own happiness. These individuals can really make a difference in the lives of people with their illuminating and magnetic personality.

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