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Mooltrikona the Driving Force for a Planet

Mooltrikona the Driving Force for a Planet

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Mooltrikona is dignity of a planet when it occupies its own sign but in a certain degrees where it performs its tasks and duties in a highly efficient manner. Planet in its Mooltrikona sign are powerful and exudes results with full force. Mooltrikona is a disciplined and active state of planet. The sign that is closest to the attributes represented by the planet is considered as the Mooltrikona . It is the favorite place for a planet in its own house in terms of productivity and responsibility, where it is able to perform at its best ability.

Mooltrikona sign of different planets and degrees:


The sign of sun is Leo in 4 to 20 degrees. Sun is in a state of action when occupies leo in these degrees. Sun when not placed in these degrees is in a comfortable and relaxed state, so one may not get much desired result.


There is different views on the Mooltrikona sign of planet moon , some are in opinion that moon is in Mooltrikona of Taurus from 3 to 30 degrees and some experts considers cancer as the Mooltrikona of moon from 3to 30 degrees.


Jupiter the planet of dharma, spirituality rules two sign in the zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is the Mooltrikona sign from 1 to 10 degrees for Jupiter when it’s in 11 to 30 degrees it is a relaxed state for Jupiter, where it is doing what it enjoys without any feeling of responsibility.


It rules Aries and Scorpio zodiacs and its Mooltrikona is Aries from 0 to 12 degrees. Mars delivers strong results and is very action oriented in these degrees. When it is from 13 to 30 degrees it is in own sign in a moderate state.


Venus is the ruler of Taurus and libra, but it is libra that is considered as its Mooltrikona from 0 to 15 degrees, it is focused to achieve or give results on its significance of luxury, relationship, balancing things and business. When Venus is in 16 to 30 degrees it is in a mood of enjoyment and indulging in the comforts and luxuries of libra.


mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and it is Virgo from 16 to 20 degrees is Mooltrikona for mercury where it uses its intellectual intelligence. Degree of 21 to 30 is where mercury is in a comfort zone of own sign.


Capricorn and Aquarius are two signs ruled by Saturn. Mooltrikona of Saturn is 0-20 degrees of Aquarius, it uses all its abilities and delivers fruits of ones karma with full power. 21 to 30 degrees is a resting zone for Saturn in own sign.

Rahu and ketu:

Rahu and ketu are north and south nodes of moon, they do not own any sign but they are rulers of certain nakshatras and has periods assigned in the system of Vimshottari Dasha. But different sages considers different signs as their Mooltrikona or exaltation and debilitation. As per sage Parashar Rahu is exalted in Taurus sign and ketu in Scorpio. Virgo is Mooltrikona for Rahu and Pisces is Mooltrikona for ketu.

Power of Mooltrikona signs:

Although analysis of a whole chart should be done carefully to interpret the final results of different planets in different signs, but understanding of Mooltrikona and other dignities of a planet is of utmost importance. It gives the crux of the energy of the planet and their influence. It greatly benefits in detailed and in depth study of a horoscope. One should not underestimate the power of Mooltrikona, instead use it to enhance ones predictive abilities.

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