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Venus and Your Love Life

Venus And Your Love Life

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VENUS is one of the nine celestial bodies that impacts our life in the areas it governs, it is one of the soft and benefic planets. This is the planet of beauty, luxury, creative abilities, and most importantly represents our love relationships and spouse. This rules the second house of family and seventh house of partnership in kalpurush Kundli. It represents the sensual love that all humans desire , it is the purest form of love .

Having a relationship that brings peace, growth and satisfaction is a sign of an exalted Venus in a horoscope. A great placement of  Venus easily allows the achievement of wealth and luxuries in life.

But in today’s world  love and relationships have become the most challenging part of life ,due to the changing mindsets, lifestyle where Rahu has captured society with the evolution of technology.

People are leading life under the illusion of Rahu leading to breakups, divorces, cheating and extra marital affairs .


 First house:

Venus in first house can be challenging in the matters of love as this placement makes a person highly self centered. Such individuals also give a lot of importance to materialistic comforts and luxury in life.

 Second house:

It is a good placement for wealth . Your partner will be very lucky for you .Partner will be fond of exotic food and will have good speech.

Third house:

Despite being ruled by Mercury, a friend of Venus, this placement is not considered great for achieving wealth and luxuries in life.
It gives multiple short lived affairs or too much attention from the opposite sex creates turbulence in relationships.

Fourth house:

Two marriages are likely with this placement, especially if Venus is afflicted and positioned in the house ruled by its enemy planet Moon.

Fifth house:

People with such placement take relationships as hobbies and they like to enjoy relationships , but also makes the native creative .

Sixth house:

This placement of Venus gives disputes, disease to partner or litigation through partner .Partner or the native will be highly critical and always finding faults.

Seventh house:

Considered as a good placement for relationships as Venus is in  its own house .Career will start or flourish after marriage. Their partner will be beautiful and attractive.

Eighth house:

This is a very challenging placement for Venus as it brings transformation through relationship. A painful ending of a relationship is indicated when Venus occupies the house of death and faces severe affliction.

Ninth house:

It is another challenging position for Venus but the luck of the native rises after marriage. The partner’s nature will be spiritual, along with being highly educated.

Tenth house:

It creates rift in partnership  due to work or career. The partner will have a high focus on accomplishing career goals.

Eleventh house:

It is in 11th is good placement as it is the house of fulfillment of desires, as it will give gains in life after marriage. The negative side of this placement is this native will have a high desire of enjoying relationships, which may give multiple relationships.

Twelfth house:

An exalted position is considered, as it brings a lot of wealth and a lucky partner. If this becomes debilitated, it may result in losses through a partner.


Venus being the planet of love and relationships, determines how we give and receive love. Everyone dreams of or tries to have a desired life partner. As the ruler of the signs Libra and Taurus, it emphasizes the importance of stability and balance in life because these qualities are essential to sustain a relationship.

If you can master and understand the basic and the utmost important rule of a  relationship it is Stability and the act of Balancing.

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