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Unraveling the Sign of Cancer

Unraveling the Sign of Cancer

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In astrology, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac belt, which represents care, emotions, nurturing, property, mental peace, food, health ,fame in the society and our intuition. Cancer is a watery sign which impacts us on our emotional level. The house it rules is the fourth house of mother, happiness, home, conveniences in life .

Human body consists of 75 percent  of water so it wouldn’t be hard to guess the impact of watery signs on our mind and emotions. In astrology Cancer is the most intuitive  and sensitive of all the signs. The ruler of this sign is the planet Moon. The planet that occupies this sign will have a huge  influence on the mind and emotions. The symbol of cancer is crab and we can understand the quality of this person by relating to the qualities represented by crab. If we go really deep we can unfold the deepest secrets of this sign.

Moon in Cancer:

Having a moon in cancer is considered to be a benefic placement for the planet moon, as the moon is in its own sign but it should not have  any negative impact from other planets. Cancer moon natives are highly intelligent, intuitive, emotional and caring by nature. As it is the sign of masses it gives fame to the native as per its placement. 

The mind of a Cancerian moon is clever and sharp with the ability to survive or tackle anything. Nothing seems too hard for such an individual as their survival instincts are as powerful as a crab. Just like a crab can survive on land and water, these people are born with these extraordinary qualities to live life under any circumstance with ease. Crab are among the species that can walk sideways and so do the cancer people can walk through anything especially when it’s really well placed  in a birth chart and without affliction.

The most intriguing thing about Cancer moon native is their capability to understand others on an emotional level ,although they might not express this in general but they have this incredible sense of sensing others sentiments and emotions. These individuals are born psychics  as they can feel and heal people with their abilities to connect with them on a deeper level.

Cancer And  your Emotional Turmoil

As this sign in Astrology represents the emotional well being or mental happiness it can show the source of your emotional pain in life as well. Wherever the sign of Cancer is placed in your horoscope you need to pay high  attention as you are bound to make emotional decisions that will lead to sorrows and sufferings.

The planet that occupies this sign will also add its flavor  to the final outcome. If a planet like Venus is placed in this sign we can easily understand this person will have a lot of emotional turmoil through relationships. 

Cancer and your Inner Peace:

As the sign of cancer also signifies mental peace, it is the house and planet placed in this sign that  will hold the key to your inner happiness. If someone has a planet like Ketu placed in this sign, the inner happiness will come through spirituality, meditation, occult, practicing detachment ,but at the same it’s one of the challenging energies to handle as the planet of detachment occupies the sign of attachment. But after all the lessons learned this person will rise in life and find happiness through occult and mysticism.

Negative Impact on the Sign of Cancer:

One needs to be highly careful in life when they have any negative influence on this sign especially when planet Rahu, Ketu, Saturn occupies this sign they can turn any situation into negative leading to emotional disturbances and loss of mental peace. One must learn to utilize the energy of cancer in a positive way by not giving  easy emotional access to people and following their intuition can save them from any disaster. Although it can be a bit tricky to implement as it is a very sensitive sign ,through awareness, knowledge and guidance of astrology it can be manageable.

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