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Angarak Yog-The Fiery Planetary Combination


The conjunction of Rahu and Mars in any house is called Angarak Yog. the placement of this conjunction in 4th , 8th , 9th and 12th houses may give big issues in life. 

1st house:

If this Rahu and mars conjunction is placed in lagna, making Angarak Yog thereby, the native may become aggressive, unhappy and may suffer due to wrong decisions in life.  

 2nd house:

One may not be satisfied with life. it may lead to loss of finance and may give respiratory issues also. one may have natural aggression in speech and will usually have  a straight forward nature. 

 3rd house :

There will be relationship issues with siblings, specially younger brother. one will either will be over active or lazy at moments. 

 4th house :

Relationship issues with mother or health issues to mother and self. will also result in relationship issues, obstructions in property matters. 

 5th house :

May lead to issues in child birth  or some issues to children. interruption in education, relationship issues. 

 6th house :

Makes the native aggressive, eccentric, may face problems due to friends/enemies, there may be some  issues to maternal uncle.  native may face some blood related issues also. 

 7th house :

Late marriage, ups and downs / loss in business, relationship issues with spouse. 

 8th house : 

May lead to issues in intestines, mental tensions, loss of paternal property and opposition from family members. 

 9th house:

Non religious, one may be lucky but there will be ups and downs in life due to one or the other reason, issues to brother and father. 

 10th house :

One will be a handworker and will be  active socially, but there may be ups and downs in career. it may lead to health issues to mother also. 

 11th house :

One may be able to get the resources as per requirement, but there will be ups and downs in earnings. the children may have health issues and the native may be having aggressive nature. 

 12th house :

Much of health issues related to Bones, Stomach. Tensions due to losses and expenditures.  

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