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Understanding the Impact Mercury in the 7th House

Understanding the Imapct of mercury in the 7th house

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Mercury is the Prince of the zodiac, its placement in any house of the horoscope will make a difference. In the seventh house of relationship, business, partnership also its placement gives definite and impactful results.

Seventh House:

The 7th House, a sphere traditionally associated with partnerships and unions. It represents the zodiac sign of Libra which brings balance & diplomacy in actions. The sign is owned by Venus. It is a house marriage, relationship, partnership. It also shows the spouse. It is the opposite of Lagna, the Self. It represents attraction towards the opposite gender. It is the house of business, negotiations, achievement in business or promotion in job. It is the exaltation house of Saturn & debilitation sign of Sun.

Planet Mercury:

Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication and adaptability, takes the lead in shaping our intelligence & mental faculty. In astrology, Mercury signifies how we express ourselves, process information received from the outside world and connect with those around us. It is the Prince of the Zodiac and always ready to find new ways to enjoy life.

Positive Impact of Mercury in the 7th House:

The planet of intelligence when placed in the seventh house has a positive impact on the spouse’s qualification and mental faculty. These people are generally blessed with a well educated and knowledgeable spouse. Their spouse is good looking and socially well connected. These people are supported by their spouse and business partners and are generally successful in business ventures or jobs that they undertake. They easily impress others with their communications skills and also reap benefits from this skill. Being a planet of youth, it gives a playful attitude to these people even in their area of work. They generally love enjoyment in their work life & avoid stressful situations.

Negative Impact of Mercury in the 7th House:

The childishness of Mercury, sometimes shows in the way they handle relationships. They are sometimes more focused on the fun part of the relationship, making them less concerned about the commitment and sincerity required to make a relationship successful. Their tendency to have a large social circle also creates hurdles in their ability to be able to justify the most important ones. Mercury in the seventh house also gives indecisiveness in the area of relationship, business and partnership. This creates communication gaps & misunderstandings, which leads to dissatisfaction and break-ups. Mercury in retrograde motion can further complicate the matters, as it could lead to arguments, documentation issues and ups & down in career.

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Mercury in the 7th House guides us to embrace the cosmic dialogue within our relationships. It signals us to communicate not merely with words but with the essence of understanding, being mature in our decision making and committed in our actions. We need to understand the language and subtle indications that the planets give us to modify our behaviors accordingly. If we do that, we can bring change in our lives and that of others. For all kinds of astrological guidance, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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