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Understanding Saturn in Houses:


Saturn is the planet of maturity, discipline, hardwork. The slow planet, Saturn is associated with delays, obstructions, poverty & disease. Like all other planets Saturn gives different results in all houses of the horoscope. Lets see the effects:

Saturn in House 1: Mature & Disciplined

In the First house, Saturn signifies a disciplined and serious personality. These people display a strong sense of responsibility and often look mature than their age. They are also strong headed and sometimes rigid in their approach. They should take care of their health and shed their reserved nature, being more friendly and open with others in their group, family, society.

Saturn in House 2: Finance & Values

In the second house, Saturn’s influence extends to matters of wealth and values. These individuals may face some cash crunch during a certain period of lifetime. Their family atmosphere is generally strict and this makes them a strong and serious personality since childhood. They should maintain a good relationship with their mother and take care of her health.

Saturn in House 3: Reserved Self 

Saturn in the Third house, gives the person a reserved communication style, preferring substance over frivolity. They may not have a very pleasing communication style. Their relationship with their siblings may also get affected. These people rise in their life with their own efforts & with some delay. They generally have problems expressing themselves.

Saturn in House 4: Family & Duty

Saturn in the fourth house indicates a strong sense of duty towards family. These individuals may experience a disciplined approach to maintaining their home environment. Generally this placement of Saturn, delays progress of the native. These people are able to handle any situation boldly in their life.

Saturn in House 5: Serious Creativity

Saturn in the Fifth house, brings a sense of seriousness to artistic interests. These people follow their hobbies seriously & try to achieve success through them. They may face some education related challenges during some part of their life. With Saturn in the Fifth house there is a possibility of getting involved in speculative activities.

Saturn in House 6: Organized Routine

Sixth house, Saturn bestows a disciplined approach to service and health matters. These people follow a set routine and work hard for their success. They are committed to their work or job and are well organized, completing all tasks on time. These people find serving others a satisfying activity. They are workaholics and ensure success is achieved in every task they undertake.

Saturn in House 7: Business & Relationship

Saturn in the Seventh house brings success in business matters. These people may face some challenges in their married life. They should work extra hard to protect their relationships. Success in business is ensured with hardwork and dedication. Their partner is generally mature and intelligent. Like work they should also invest some time in their relationships.

Saturn in House 8: Longevity & Depth

Saturn in Eighth house generally gives good longevity, long life, although there could be some health challenges too. Native with such a position of Saturn are interested in studying subjects of deep analysis. They might also get ancestral wealth in their lifetime if Saturn is good in their horoscope.

Saturn in House 9: Higher Knowledge 

Saturn in the Ninth house gives the native inclination to study spiritual literature and they might make a career in spiritual fields. They also travel and learn by traveling. It could also give native some fixed ideas and some inflated ego, which makes them less flexible in their thoughts & approach towards life.

Saturn in House 10: Professional Success

Saturn in the Tenth house becomes the arena for Saturn’s disciplined influence on career and public life. Such people make slow but steady progress in their professional life. They are good managers and have ambition to reach high in their career. With their hard work and sheer determination they generally achieve what they decide for themselves. They have a responsible attitude and a great sense of duty towards their work.

Saturn in House 11: Multiple Gains

Eleventh house Saturn gives the native gains from his work and the native also gets good support from his friends & social circle. They generally have a small social circle but a dependable one. There are generally multiple streams of income for such people & they live a prosperous life. These people do not waste time in unnecessary gossip and stay focussed on their work.

Saturn in House 12: On my Own

Saturn in the Twelfth house makes the person comfortable in seclusion. They enjoy being alone and easily adapt themselves in foreign land. They are interested in spiritual matters and follow their own path of spirituality. Sometimes this position may also give some worries and tensions.


Saturn is the planet of Karma. It gives us the results of our work. If we have sown fruits, we will surely get them. If we have sown thorns, we will surely get them. So let’s watch our actions and make our Saturn good.

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