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Understanding Venus in Houses:


Venus, the planet of Luxury, Romance, Elegance & Wealth brings natural harmony and refinement to the house it occupies in the Horoscope. Lets see the results of Venus’s placement in various houses of the Horoscope.

Venus in House 1: The Charming Self

Venus in the First House blesses the native with a natural charm and magnetic presence. These people show grace in every work they undertake, smaller or bigger. Their presence makes a positive impact on others and they are perceived as elegant and wealthy by others. They give great importance to their looks and also spend a lot of time and money on their appearance.

Venus in House 2: Abundance & Luxury

Venus in the Second house,  makes the person attached to the  material world. They live a luxurious life with good and regular earnings. These people are fond of cooking and also presenting the cooked food as well garnished one. There are chances that these people are involved in family business.

Venus in House 3: Communication with Charm

Venus in the Third House enhances the individual’s communication style. It gives Charm, diplomacy and a love for artistic expression to the native. These people are very good mediators and like to resolve others’ issues. They are also successful writers and can make a good career out of this natural talent.

Venus in House 4: Love My Home

Venus in the Fourth House infuses the domestic sphere with love and harmony. They are fond of new vehicles, clothes & luxuries, having a very good aesthetic sense. These people are peace loving and normally enjoy very good relationships with their family members. They are emotionally very attached to their home and work towards keeping everyone happy.

Venus in House 5: Romantic Creativity

Venus in the Fifth house makes the person romantic and bless the natives with creativity in their romantic endeavors. These people are inborn artists & have a strong inclination towards making their career in the fields of art, movies, music, drama, movies. They are expressive in their love and enjoy fun and frolic.

Venus in House 6: Serving for a Cause

Venus in the Sixth house, makes the native find satisfaction and joy in helping others. They are excellent colleagues and alway ready to help their peers. They always try to bring harmony in all situations and are very good at settling arguments. These people are generally animal lovers and work for their rights.

Venus in House 7: Harmony with Partner

Venus in the Seventh house gives rise after marriage and these natives generally benefit from their spouse. They are perfectionists and want to see the best in all situations. These individuals may seek a soulmate who complements their values and aesthetic sensibilities. Relationships are a very important aspect of their life and they try to give their best in making it a success.

Venus in House 8: Intimate & Passionate

Venus in the Eighth house influences shared resources and intimate connections. This placement can bring depth and beauty to intimate relationships. These people are intense and passionate in love matters and don’t like superficial relationships. This position also sometimes gives sudden gains from the family of the spouse. They may also have interest towards mystic arts & subjects.

Venus in House 9: Lively Traveler

Venus in the Ninth house makes the person’s aesthetic considerations play a role in the pursuit of wisdom. They love traveling and are always ready to explore new places. Their spouse generally if from a far off place or they establish a long distance relationship with someone. They have a cheerful nature and are lively in their behavior.

Venus in House 10: Work for Success

Venus in the Tenth house makes the native popular in their work area and they are liked by others. These people are generally skilled in business and work hard to achieve their goals. They generally enjoy good financial status and a respected place in society.

Venus in House 11: Social Quality 

Venus in the Eleventh house makes the native have a lot of friends and a big social circle. They also gain and earn good money with the help of them. They are spendthrift  and love to enjoy and entertain. They are emotionally sensitive and enjoy a good bond with their contacts. They normally enjoy a quality social circle with influential people.

Venus in House 12: Beauty with Spirituality

Venus in the Twelfth house makes the native love and work for humanity. They are unable to see other people in distress and want to help them wholeheartedly. They are sometimes secretive and don’s show their feelings to others. Venus in the twelfth house sometimes makes people care less for materialism and takes them to the higher realms of spirituality.


Venus is a soft planet. It is the purest of all planets. It weaves a story of love, harmony, and aesthetic appreciation wherever it is. We can enjoy all luxuries of life if we use its energies in positive ways. Let’s make Venus a part of our life.

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