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Understanding Rahu in Houses

Understanding Rahu in Houses

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Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, has a profound influence on different astrological houses. The immortal demon’s head, represented by Rahu, gives obsession with the qualities of the house it is placed in. It is a shadowy planet, with no physical existence but exerts a great amount of influence on a person’s life. Lets see its impact on all Rahu in houses of the horoscope.

Rahu in House 1: Self Recognition

Rahu in the First house makes an impact on the personal identity & personality of the native. This placement makes the person ambitious and creates an intense desire for personal recognition through unconventional ideas. These people also sometimes exhibit self-obsession and become reactive in nature. They are also charismatic and catch the eye of others.

Rahu in House 2: Wealth Unpredictable

Rahu in the Second house influences matters of wealth and speech. Such people may have unpredictable earnings & wealth, experiencing ups & downs.  They also use unconventional & unique ways of increasing their wealth. Their communication style can be bold. This position of Rahu also influences the food habits of the native. They may not not have a disciplined eating routine.

Rahu in House 3: Success & Courageous

Rahu in the Third house is a very good position for the planet. It gives all round success, courage and resilience to the person for achieving best results in all ventures. They have their own ideas which they implement in a smart way to get benefit out of every situation. This position sometimes makes the native clever and manipulative in communications. Relationships with siblings can sometimes become a challenge.

Rahu in House 4: House & Mother

Rahu’s influence on the Fourth house can sometimes give some challenges to comfort in life and mother. Such people have to work hard for acquisition of property. Mother’s health needs to be taken care of. Although the positive influence of benefic planets on Rahu in the fourth house can change the results and also give success to the native.

Rahu in House 5: Children & Intelligence

Rahu in the Fifth house gives the person a pleasing personality. This position can also give some false ego to the person. Some gains though unconventional and speculative investments are also expected. One needs to create good understanding with children and there are chances of difference in views. Health of children also needs to be taken care of.

Rahu in House 6: Fighting Spirit

Rahu in the Sixth house is another good position for the planet in the horoscope. It gives the person a strong fighting & competitive spirit. These people have great determination & give their best till the task is achieved. They need to take care of their health sometimes as overwork can cause stress.

Rahu in House 7: Unconventional Partnerships

Rahu in the Seventh house may result in unconventional relationships and partnerships. There could be some amount of unpredictable environment in this area of life. Such people should exercise restraint over their desires and focus more on the success of important goals of life.

Rahu in House 8: Sudden Rise

Rahu in the Eighth house makes the native harbor ambitious desires for personal transformation. Financial matters may take unexpected turns at some stage in life. These people possess high intuition and like to work in an area or work that involves secrecy. These people should take care of their health.

Rahu in House 9: Unconventional Beliefs

Rahu in the Ninth house, gives the native, ambitious and unconventional ideas. People with such a placement of Rahu have a belief system which is different and sometimes unique. They generally find logic & don’t follow the established rituals. This position also gives travel to foreign lands. Father may face some challenges in life.

Rahu in House 10:  Work & Win

Rahu in the Tenth house makes the people workaholic. They are highly obsessed with their work and career. They navigate themselves smartly through all positive & negative situations in their professional environment. Success in all ventures is the only focus and they would take any route for making it happen. They need to be careful in their approach as it could sometimes hurt their public image.

Rahu in House 11: Gains & Connects

Rahu in the Eleventh house is also a very good position for the planet in the horoscope. It gives success, wealth & materialistic gains to the native. There could be some health challenges for the mother. These people are connected with their social circle mostly through the digital media and have a lot of connections on social platforms. They should take care of their impulsive decisions which can create problems sometimes.

Rahu in House 12: Lot of Dreams

Rahu in the Twelfth house disturbs sleep and gives a lot of big dreams. These people are very ambitious & want to achieve a lot of things in life. They have an unconventional connection with spirituality and prefer to choose their own way of moving ahead.


Rahu is an unconventional planet.  Its complexity is both challenging and enlightening. If it connects positively in our life, it can give immense rise and great transformative experiences.

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