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Transit of Rahu and Venus

Venus , the purest form of love has conjoined Rahu the illusionist. To harness the energy of Venus in your life at this time it is very important to understand the energy of Rahu. This conjunction is happening in the fiery sign Aries ruled by Mars . Aries is a passionate, enthusiastic and highly energetic sign , Venus and Rahu together will not only seek such passion and excitement in a relationship it will go to any extent to fulfill the desire .
Rahu will amplify and enhance the qualities of Venus which can be very misleading at times . Rahu rules foreign things and Venus is significator of vehicles , people will buy vehicles of a foreign brand in this transit . Inclination towards enhancing luxury in life can be a trend in this transit, because Rahu magnifies things and represents sudden events meticulous approach should be taken while driving.
The results of this transit will differ from person to person depending on the ashtakvarga points and prominent results will be seen related to the placement of Aries in the chart .
So channelize the energy of this transit in your favors by aligning yourself with the energy of Venus and Rahu.

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