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ARDRA- The warrior

Ardra Nakashtra is ruled by Rahu and the deity is Rudra the fierce form of Lord Shiva . Symbol of Ardra is a teardrop which symbolises the emotional turmoil and transformation in the life of Ardra born Native. It is an Nakashtra that is related to destruction and storms . The story of Rudra being left alone is a theme of Ardra natives life. Their nature of helping others gets them into trouble , as people use them to grow in life and leave them in predicament.

Ardra born natives are quite distinctive in personality, they carry a charm which makes them unique and attractive. Ardra born natives are highly intuitive, and it is their intuition that makes them escape any negative situation with ease. They are considered as warriors and able to fight their own battles which makes them successful in life.
Different padas give different results in terms of the intensity of the events, but lot of events are sudden in nature .Ardra natives suffer from jealousy, mischief and betrayal from their own family and friends. It is only after such sufferings they evolve and grow in life. They hold a deep down pain inside that they are unable to express in the outside world. It is also related to communication, creativity as it falls under Gemini . This Nakashtra makes the native short tempered, spendthrift and aggressive in behaviour. Rahu makes them highly inclined towards materialistic comforts and luxurious lifestyle. With great sixth sense they make great healers and experts in occult science.

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