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MOON – The psyche

Moon symbolises mother , health, Wealth and water on a basic level, and has tremendous impact on our lives. Moon being nearest planet to earth and having the shortest transit has a direct correlation with our mood and happiness. It transits 27 Nakashtra in a month and each Nakashtra has its Deity which signifies different attributes of human lives. Moon Nakashtra is pivotal in deciding name at the time of birth and for performing certain astrological remedies. The feeling that connects us with the motherly love and compassion is pure form of moon . Human emotions are ruled by moon ,placement of moon in a birth chart determines our reactions to those emotions . Native with an exalted moon in the birth chart will be able to handle emotional upheavals in a balanced manner.
The very fundamental rule to check results of moon is to check phase of moon. Waning moon and waxing moon will give different results and the Nakashtra it’s transiting along with the house and zodiac sign it is placed.Badly placed moon will have negative effects on our health, wealth and happiness. It is moon which makes us feel the depth of love .
Moon not only illuminates the sky, it illuminates the human consciousness and helps to reach the higher dimensions of life.

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