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Ketu and Past Life

Ketu the south node of the moon or the shadow planet holds a great significance in astrology. Ketu primarily signifies occult, mysticism, spirituality, detachment, separation, isolation and child .
As we all juggle up our lives between the axis of Rahu & Ketu , it is near impossible to not question the events that breaks us causing pain, Suffering and separation. When we seek answers for those questions we get to understand the profound meaning or pending karma’s behind those events. Ketu brings the truth out on the surface by making us go through the spiritual process of awakening.
Placement of Ketu in a birth chart can actually shed light on the pending karmas of an individual as it creates lot of dissatisfaction related to the house and sign it is placed.
Ketu in the seventh house or sign is a clear indication of breaks and unhappiness in a relationship. Ketu here is only clearing up the fog or delusions created by Rahu . The unrealistic expectations and materialistic desires is the principle cause of our heartbreak . Ketu takes us on a spiritual journey for upliftment of our soul. The only way to understand the energy of Ketu is by diving deep within ourselves and connecting with the higher source.
As a remedy for Ketu It is highly recommended to serve dogs.

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