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“GURU “ is a word that represents the highest form of blessings in our lives. As we grew up listening to the phrase“Gurur Bhrama Gurur Vishnu Gurur Shaskshat Maheswara “ , but it’s deepest understanding happens only when we experience the energy of JUPITER manifesting in the most unexpected and fulfilling manner.
Jupiter, the largest of all the planets, has the capacity to bless irrespective of its placement in the birth chart. Jupiter unlike any other planet blesses us with the knowledge ,Wisdom and the ability to share the knowledge. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces . Sagittarius is again connected to knowledge, higher learning, adventure, journeys and sharp focus . Pisces represents the fruits of higher learning and a place where our soul feels enlightened and makes us capable to shine and guide people in need. JUPITER also signifies all the rituals and other religious activities in our Hindu Dharma.
The mythological story of JUPITER being constantly focused on performing its duties towards Dharma itself depicts the concept of being too focused and unable to pay required attention in the other areas of life, which leads to elopement of Tara with Moon and birth of Mercury. So we can decode with this story that wherever Jupiter is placed in the chart that area of life becomes the most distinct. We can understand this further with an example of Jupiter in the Fourth sign/ house of the birth chart . Such an individual will be a great mentor as Jupiter absorbs the nurturing qualities of Moon , who is ruler of the fourth house. Jupiter here will enhance the ability to teach and guide with its unique knowledge sharing capabilities. Jupiter directly aspects the tenth house of career and makes the native highly career focused.
Evolution in life is a blessing which only human beings are capable of, with the knowledge and grace of Guru astrology has the power to transform and enrich our lives.

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