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Eighth lord and Your Transformational Journey

Eighth lord and Your Transformational Journey

Introduction: Eighth house is a mysterious and dark house, representing our challenges, longevity, inheritance, family of the spouse, long term diseases, sudden events, accidents , hidden secrets, occult .The role of eighth lord is very important, as it has the power to transform ones thought process, physical strength, and emotional wellbeing. The zodiac sign that […]

Identifying Challenges in life through Sixth House of Horoscope

Identifying Challenges In Life Through Sixth House Of Horoscope

Introduction: Sixth house is a house of diseases, disputes, maternal side of the family, pet, daily routine, enemies, litigations, service, and co-workers. In kalpurush Kundli sixth house is ruled by planet mercury and the zodiac sign is Virgo. It is a house that requires your intellect and ability to grasp things, presence of mind to […]

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